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Man Of Faith For President-Faith In Man Forgotten

The results are in and according to the American people surveyed, God is still running far ahead of the pack. Well; let’s begin again. The Survey; titled the “American Values Survey” indicates

Attacks on Obama’s Character Unfair and Hurtful

I have watched as conservatives have tried their best to prove that Barack Obama is not one of us; that he’s a secret Muslim pretending to be Christian, and that he wasn’t

Occupy Wall Street Scaring Conservatives and Corporations

The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing. All over the country, more and more of America’s disenfranchised are coming together to protest in the streets of America’s largest cities. Despite predictions from

Class War: America and the World on the Brink

The biggest threat to democracy is a loss in faith in democracy by its people.  The same could be said about capitalism; if the majority of the population of a certain capitalist

Debt Ceiling Debate: What Americans Want

It seems that we’re constantly being told by Republicans in Congress, what we, the American people, want.  They also have a strange, uncanny way of always equating the desires of their wealthiest

James O’Keefe: Professional Journalist Or Right Wing Attack Dog

Recently, James O’Keefe; the so-called conservative undercover journalist has been widely in the news as of late.  It seems that Mr. O’Keefe has an urge to go after what he calls “A

The Revelation Of Mike Huckabee’s Character

There was a time that I actually liked Mike Huckabee.  For one thing; it takes a lot of self-control to lose a hundred pounds.  I’ve just been trying to lose a few

America: Both Socialism And Capitalism A Balance

One of the biggest fears from Conservatives is the  take over of socialism in this country; big government and lots of taxes.  One of the things that they don’t like to admit

Republicans Will Take Credit If Economy Improves

There is a good chance that come 2011 the economy will start to look up.  This will because of the Stimulus that President Obama and the Democrats set forth at the beginning

Republicans: Tax Cuts For The Wealthy And Nothing Else Matters

It’s been a few days since I made a blog. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, but I have been very busy with the rest of my life.   Obviously,