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What if “Voter ID Laws” Overturn the 2012 Election?

From all I can tell, there is going to be a massive effort by Republican state legislators to change the results of this upcoming election. They are going to do this by

Online-Electronic Voting Would Fix Voting Issues

I file my taxes every year, just like millions of other Americans, online — electronically that is. It seems to work just fine; the system has its safeguards so as a filer

Hey Democrats: Republicans do not want you to Vote This November

I suppose you could say that Democrats don’t want Republicans to vote in November either. The difference is; Democrats aren’t trying to stop Republicans from voting. It would seem that Republicans only

Will the Votes Be Counted Fairly?

We have seen shenanigans in voting laws across the country under the guise of creating barriers to voter fraud.   The numbers on cases of voter fraud vs the instances of humans struck

Voter ID Laws: A Republican Attempt to Usurp the Voters

Republican lawmakers in several states for the last several months have been putting Voter ID laws on the ballot and passing bills in their legislative bodies to require state-issued identification at the

Stealing Democracy

If you can’t win elections fairly, why not just steal them. This seems to be Republicans new strategy to try winning the White House and any other seat they can pick up

Voter ID Laws: Stopping Fraud or Blocking Votes?

If this was Putin’s Russia or many of the countries that are being ruled by dictators or regimes that are determined to stay in power, even if it means cheating the voting

The Right to Vote; Endangered For Many

There is a concerted effort coming from the right, to make it more difficult for some of our citizens to vote. This effort will mostly affect the poor and the elderly. This