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But I Can’t Remember Where Or When

It seems we’ve often met like this before. We looked at each other in the same way then. But I can’t remember where or when ********************************************************* Well; here we are again.

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote {Part Three: The System}

So; Welcome back. Well; we have talked alot about the current political and election system. Now we will speak of a less depressing subject and I hope; the one you have been waiting

Republicans Priority: Anti-Abortion, Obama Priority: Jobs

If I remember, it was the Republican’s campaigned on jobs which swept them into power in the United States House of Representatives in November 2010. But it seems the only thing they’ve

Most Republicans Good People

I’ve been known to be very critical of Republicans because I feel they need to hear the other side as well as their own.  And, you can count on it; I will

Class War: America and the World on the Brink

The biggest threat to democracy is a loss in faith in democracy by its people.  The same could be said about capitalism; if the majority of the population of a certain capitalist

ObamaCare and the U.S. Supreme Court: The Final Ruling

On Friday, August the 12th, the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that the mandate for all Americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. Of course, there have been

Debt Ceiling Debate: What Americans Want

It seems that we’re constantly being told by Republicans in Congress, what we, the American people, want.  They also have a strange, uncanny way of always equating the desires of their wealthiest

If ‘Affordable Care Act’ Killed: What Then?

We’ve heard all this talk from Republicans in Congress; what do the Republicans expect us to do? Kick the problem further down the road; allowing health insurers to keep controlling health care

Big Step For Gays: No More “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”

Lately, allot of things have not gone well for liberal causes; the Republicans win back the House of Representatives and gain seats in the Senate;  and the rich get an extension to