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Why can’t we peaceful people be given a choice?

About four or so months I attended a progressive town hall meeting hosted by my Rep. Eddie B. Johnson, with Rep. Barbara Lee from California. An old-aged attendent asked about the healthcare

A Mitt Romney Presidency Will Hurt the Poor

There are many reasons why someone is poor – maybe they’re uneducated and can’t obtain a well-paying job; maybe they’ve had a tough life or been through an expensive medical crisis that

Nation Divided

I often hear someone say “Why does it take a national tragedy to bring us together?” and I realize that the question seems to be one of those “hidden” meanings that we

2012 Election: Eight Points of Priority for Our Next President

Come This November, whoever is the Republican nominee facing off with President Barack Obama; there will be a few points of priorities that will need to be addressed by both the Republican

Part 1: The Application

Hey Folks. Glad to be back here at Fid’s place. It’s been awhile since I have had a chance to post here due to some minor personal issues; namely how to survive

Capitalism without Socialism Brings Imbalance

Most Americans, both conservative and liberals realize that this is a capitalistic society. Most Americans also have no desire to change that fact; we all like the idea of having the opportunity

Debt Ceiling Debate: What Americans Want

It seems that we’re constantly being told by Republicans in Congress, what we, the American people, want.  They also have a strange, uncanny way of always equating the desires of their wealthiest

Buyer’s Remorse And The Republican Voter

Sometimes a person like me can’t help but say “I told you so”. In the last election, voters had short memories and went out and put Republicans back in charge of one

Entitlement Programs;Another Boondoggle for The Rich

I find it quite telling that the Republicans are so ready to reform entitlement programs, like Medicare and Social Security, yet  they will go out of their way to protect tax cuts

America: Both Socialism And Capitalism A Balance

One of the biggest fears from Conservatives is the  take over of socialism in this country; big government and lots of taxes.  One of the things that they don’t like to admit