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Our Nation under the Hand of American Extremism

Extremism: The holding of extreme political or religious views or the taking of extreme actions on the basis of those views. (Encarta Dictionary) There are various types of extremist, in every country

Which Republican Presidential Candidate is more likely to…?

The candidates who are still in the race to win the Republican nomination are an interesting bunch. It might be interesting to wonder who the most likely would be to: Have an

Short Take on HBO’s “Game Change”

I just finished watching “Game Change” on HBO Demand and I must say I enjoyed it. I don’t know how much was artistic liberty but even if half of Sarah Palin’s portrayal

Jon Huntsman; Republicans Best Choice In 2012

I seriously don’t believe that the Republicans can win this next election; mainly because of their stubbornness concerning raising taxes on the wealthiest.  As always; their main agenda and always at the

Democrats Hope For A Michele Bachman Come 2012 Election

I for one,  am very excited about Michelle Bachman  getting so much attention after her performance at the last debate for the Republican hopefuls.   I would love to see her win the

Really; Who Are The ‘Tea Party’?

This is a question that gets asked occasionally by someone in the media, but the answers are always the usual generic answers about how they came from America’s discontent with government. Of