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White Supremacist Like JT Ready Should Not Be Patrolling Our Borders?

A former Neo-Nazi Jason Todd Ready, known as JT, allegedly murdered four people, including a female toddler before killing himself. JT Ready belonged to a group called the U.S. Border Guard. This

Sometimes Short Just Doesn’t Get The Job Done: A Treatise On Racism In America

The History and The Inspiration: I began this article several months ago. I never felt that it was ready for publication and one thing leading to another; it sat in my files

Racism in America: Live and Well

The stigma of racism seems to be a lasting legacy for America – no matter how we try to separate ourselves from it, mostly through our laws and our courts, we still

Ron Paul’s Racial Comments Ends Chance at Presidency

Ron Paul’s campaign to become the Republican candidate for president is now in jeopardy because of comments he has allegedly made in a series of newsletters. Up to this point, I have