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Barrack Obama Is The Greatest President We Have Had; In The Last 43 Years.

Barrack Obama has done what no other President has. He has actually benefitted the American people. Not with vague promises and less than obvious laws that are predicted to do some good

The Multinational Takeover of American Elections

Mitt Romney’s  overseas trip has been fodder for the press and media as quite a source of humor and more example of fumbling and mumbling we have seen from the candidate since

“Rich People Have Rights Too” Says Mr Babs

“Rich People Have Rights too.” Says Mr. Babs “ROBIN HOOD”- A Thief? No; fighter for right and justice against the oppression of The Tyrant Usurper Defender of the poor and the rightful

A Republican Aristocrat Speaks Out And Tells The Truth (For Once)

An American Aristocrat; Mitt’s Ancestor Perhaps? Or A Bush Maybe? We don’t know but he looks like a jolly good fellow to me. Greetings to all you real Americans out there. I’m

Maryland; My Maryland: Shame Is Your Lot ; Weakness Your Only Sad Excuse.

Maryland; my home for all of my fifty-three years. As States go; I thought Maryland to be better than some. Worse than others; but a State generally inclined toward the Democratic Party;

Nation Divided

I often hear someone say “Why does it take a national tragedy to bring us together?” and I realize that the question seems to be one of those “hidden” meanings that we

I Was Going To Write About Rick Santorum. But I Changed My Mind

I was going to write about Rick Santorum. But what can I say that anyone with two braincells to rub together hasn’t already said or thought? This is a guy who believes

I Used To Think I Was A Conservative…No Wait; A Liberal….Or…

Maybe I was just confused. Then; over time; I began to realise that far from being confused; I had a very good hold on what I thought and think about the various

Etch-A-Sketch Mitt and The Salamander

I guess that really is more socially acceptable than my name for Mitt Romney……………

Compassion is Neither Blue or Red

I’m a liberal, but I also live in a conservative state – Oklahoma.  I was born in this state though I’ve also lived for fourteen and a half years in California. California