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Homeless Child to Pro-Lifers: Where are you now?

I’m sure you meant well by trying to protect my life before I was born but what am I to do now? My mother didn’t want me and I’m hungry because I

Abortion and the Unwanted Child

I was an unwanted child growing up. My mother made it very clear to me from the first time I could understand anything that she didn’t want me, she never wanted me.

Obama On Ryan’s Budget Plan; Not While I’m President

I, like a lot of liberals; was mighty happy with President Obama’s speech at George Washington University.  A speech were he laid out his plan for the budget, and in which he

Social Issues Still Rule the Day With Republicans

When House Speaker John Boehner (R -OH) was just the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, he repeatedly asked one question of Barack Obama every time he got a chance in

Abortion: Right Or Wrong, Is A Woman’s Choice

I suppose as a lot of people; I wrestled with the abortion issue.  Frankly, I’ve just never really felt it was any of my business to tell a woman what to do