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Pro-TARP, Pro-Bailout, Pro-Stimulus, Pro-Mandate Romney/Ryan Ticket

Dear Republicans and Conservatives, Over the weekend, Mitt Romney announced his VP pick, Wisconsin congressman and Chairman of Budget Committee Paul Ryan, and surprised me.

Romney/Ryan White House – Gold Mine for 1 Percent

…Also a Financial Burden for Medicare Recipients and the poor Now that we know whom Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has chosen to run on his ticket, we can get a better

Atheist Ayn Rand and Republican Politics Become One

Hypocrisy is running rampant in the GOP when Ayn Rand becomes their idle while they’re still trying to proclaim the Christian mantle. Ayn Rand’s vision for the world was about individualism and

Faith Leaders: Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan is Immoral

Finally, some of those who represent Christ have stood up to the GOP and Paul Ryan’s budget plan. A group called “Faith in Public Life” held a press conference to speak out

Mitt Romney and Republicans Want More Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Those who’re making record profits – the wealthy that is – can count on even more tax cuts if Republicans can just have their way. Republican’s choice of candidates to be their

President Obama and Mitt Romney Bare Down on Each Other for General Election

It has been decided by those who understand the odds and knows what it will take to get the number of delegates to win the Republican nomination, that the more-than presumptive Republican

Capitalism without Socialism Brings Imbalance

Most Americans, both conservative and liberals realize that this is a capitalistic society. Most Americans also have no desire to change that fact; we all like the idea of having the opportunity

Buyer’s Remorse And The Republican Voter

Sometimes a person like me can’t help but say “I told you so”. In the last election, voters had short memories and went out and put Republicans back in charge of one

Obama On Ryan’s Budget Plan; Not While I’m President

I, like a lot of liberals; was mighty happy with President Obama’s speech at George Washington University.  A speech were he laid out his plan for the budget, and in which he

Compromise: Obama 26 – Republicans 0

I like Obama.  I think he’s trying very hard to be a good president and I think he cares about the needs of the least of us. He also has put a