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Mitt Romney’s Heart: Republican Nominee Pleads His Case to NAACP

Mitt Romney, as any presidential candidate – regardless of party – got invited to speak to the NAACP. At least Mitt accepted the invitation as his Republican predecessor George W. Bush, turned

Amending Health Care Law Better than Repeal

It’s very clear that a lot of Americans are concerned a great deal with the new health care law the Affordable Care Act . It’s also quite understandable to be concerned; it

Affordable Care Act Brings Joy to Some and Misery to Others

The day that the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, I was expecting the worse and the end of hope for millions like me. After

Health Care Mandate is About Personal Responsibility; A Conservative Idea

After The United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, Facebook, Twitter and thousands of websites across the Internet were overwhelmed with comments. Many of those comments were about

Health Care Mandate is Conservative Idea

When the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act passed Congress and signed into law by President Obama, you would think the mandate for all Americans to buy health insurance or pay a

Socialism: Taxpayers Pay for Health Care of Uninsured

Republicans in Congress and state officeholders, plus conservative commentaries and pundits all across the nation, all talk about the Affordable Care Act as though it’s about Socialism. But, hasn’t the system that

If Republicans Win Control of White House and Congress; What Then?

When I hear conservatives talk about their hopes of getting rid of President Barack Obama and the GOP again taking complete control of Congress, I get this feeling of dread in me.