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Twitter and Political Beef Over Embassy Attacks

Don’t you love how we’ve advanced as a people? 160 characters are able to shake the bones and communicate effectively to this extremely world. At any given moment one is able to

The Politics of Fools, Lies and Deception

Politics is a dirty game. Candidates sling mud at each other and outside well-funded sources fill our airwaves with ads that are anything but honest. We can look back to the 2000

Marijuana Legalization: Obama’s Key to the Youth Vote

President Obama has proven over his presidency to be very smart; he knows who his base is and he knows what they want and most importantly, he knows how to give it

Respecting the DREAM

President Obama did what he could to show people the way this last week on how to deal with the massive immigration dysfunction that our US system has become.  In years past,

Republican Lawmakers say Jobs Main Focus but Record Shows Otherwise

Republicans took back the House of Representatives back in 2010, along with control of state houses and governor’s seats across this country on a platform to create jobs for the recovery of

Congress Approves Upcoming War With Iran

While the mainstream media (MSM) obsessed on the death of popstars, Mary Kennedy, and superpac ads, today the House passed another bill pushing the date of an Iran attack even closer. With

Improving Economy Proves Obama Right Man for Top Job

Job numbers are growing, the Health Care bill is showing savings for Medicare for over $200 billion by 2016, and the stock market is doing well; all of this, even after President

An Alternative To Stopping Government Corruption

Originally posted on Minds Alike blog. Lord Acton said power tends to corrupt. I couldn’t agree more. In a previous post, I wrote about how the government reflects the people it governs. Despite

4 Suggestions Before Obama Invades Another Country

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron came to D.C. and met with the President (for a reason I’m unaware of). The joint appearance was filled with threatening rhetoric by the President relating

Attacks on Obama’s Character Unfair and Hurtful

I have watched as conservatives have tried their best to prove that Barack Obama is not one of us; that he’s a secret Muslim pretending to be Christian, and that he wasn’t