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Cyber Warfare Is Coming to America: What Can We Expect?

President Obama signed an executive order back in June of 2011 that lay out the rules of cyber warfare against our enemies with attacks on their grid system and their defense system

Congress Approves Upcoming War With Iran

While the mainstream media (MSM) obsessed on the death of popstars, Mary Kennedy, and superpac ads, today the House passed another bill pushing the date of an Iran attack even closer. With

Instruments of Fear: America and the War Machine

           For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 King James Version Ever since World War

4 Suggestions Before Obama Invades Another Country

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron came to D.C. and met with the President (for a reason I’m unaware of). The joint appearance was filled with threatening rhetoric by the President relating

U.S. Foreign Policy Should Not be based on Fear

I realize that many of us have our eyes on Iran and the danger they pose because of their development of uranium centrifuges, as this brings them even closer to developing a

2012 Election: Eight Points of Priority for Our Next President

Come This November, whoever is the Republican nominee facing off with President Barack Obama; there will be a few points of priorities that will need to be addressed by both the Republican

Let Those Gas Prices Soar!

I must admit, I’m being quite selfish when I say “Let those gas prices soar!” and that’s because I live within a few blocks of my job. I’m also a homebody –

The Thirst for Oil and Nuclear Annihilation

We’re now living again in a cold war but this time it’s with Iran and not Russia, though in the end game, Russia along with China could play an important part. The