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The Compassion of Heathens

Is there a difference between a religious person and someone who isn’t religious when it comes to having compassion? Does religion make someone care about others or is it that one cares

Homeless Child to Pro-Lifers: Where are you now?

I’m sure you meant well by trying to protect my life before I was born but what am I to do now? My mother didn’t want me and I’m hungry because I

A Christmas Of Hope

As this Christmas arrives, many of us take the season as a time to reflect on ourselves and the world around us.  For me, children always come to mind; not just American

A World Without Hunger

There were 925 million people who suffered from hunger in the year 2010. Yet there is enough food to feed everyone, mostly because of our oceans.  Though, there is plenty land to

The Hunger of a Child Should Never Be.

There were approximately 925 million peoplewho suffered from hunger in 2010. That is almost three times the population of our country. Malnutrition is also the cause of half of the deaths of