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Why Gay People Want to Get Married

There are probably several reasons why gay people want to get married – love, stability, normalcy and maybe a little envy.  I do know that when you’re gay and grow up watching

Getting Back on my Feet

My life has had its share of joys and disappointments; earning degrees and awards to decades of underemployment, raising three beautiful children to letting them go, the pride of home ownership to

In God We Trust; Or Do We?

Recently House Republicans used their time to pass a bill reaffirming our national motto which is printed on each of our currency of “In God We Trust”. It’s true there are many

Life and Faith

Broad topic , I know but that topic alone covers a wide array of stuff dealing with people and how they perceive their life. Some people grow up to be sad miserable

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part One: The History}

If you think that today’s article is familiar; you are more than likely my wife. But on the off chance that you are someone else I should explain that I have posted

Man Of Faith For President-Faith In Man Forgotten

The results are in and according to the American people surveyed, God is still running far ahead of the pack. Well; let’s begin again. The Survey; titled the “American Values Survey” indicates

What If Jesus Ran for President and No One Knew…?

I have often wondered what would happen if Jesus decided to come back to earth for a short visit in the guise of an ordinary American citizen and see if he could

Having Power II: Understanding the Universe

Part Two In Part One, I discussed how what you say can affect things in your life. Now I would like to go beyond just what you see and understand and help

President Obama is Not the Antichrist

Recently, during one of President Obama’s speeches, a man in the audience heckled the President about him being the Antichrist.  I think what a lot of evangelicals and other conservatives don’t seem

America’s Past Haunts its Future

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 I believe that it’s important that I make it clear of how I