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BYU Gay Students Contribution to “It Get’s Better Project”

  I had to share this video with you. The stories these young people tell I relate to very well. Also, I’d like you to read some of the related article I

Why Gay People Want to Get Married

There are probably several reasons why gay people want to get married – love, stability, normalcy and maybe a little envy.  I do know that when you’re gay and grow up watching

Military Gays Can Now Stand Up

I’ve been grinning ear to ear in the last several hours, as we have finally taken another huge step by repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  Thanks to all of those who made

Gay Rights Began With A Shove

Back as late as the 1960s, a little while before I came out of the closet myself, gays were harassed by police anywhere they hung out, such as a bar, a park

Gay Marriage and the Gay Agenda

Back in the 70s when I first came to know other gay people and finally let my family know (we gays of course called it “Coming Out of the Closet”), most of

Being Gay And A Christian At The Same Time

I know many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are going to disagree with the title of this blog, but I’m not writing this blog for them, but for my lost

Big Step For Gays: No More “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”

Lately, allot of things have not gone well for liberal causes; the Republicans win back the House of Representatives and gain seats in the Senate;  and the rich get an extension to