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Love Those Gay Rights? Thank Drag Queens

It is important to remember that if it were not for those flamboyant drag queens standing tall and proud, there would be no gay rights to enjoy. LGBT members are a mixed

Coming Out at Work: A Decision That Could be Life-Changing

I have had two jobs where I came out of the closet; one was a big mistake and the other was the right thing to do. For many gay people, deciding to

The Right of the Religious Right: Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1 As a boy preacher, I expected everyone to believe like me and if they chose not to, they would suffer the fires of Hell. That

The Right of the Religious Right: Part 1

Many years ago when I was but eleven years of age, I became a preacher.  As a Pentecostal, I had a very strict belief system, which also affected my sermons. I believed

A Deserving Legacy for Hillary Clinton

I’ve been a fan of Hillary’s for a long time, back during the Monica Lewinsky affair as she kept such a brave face and kept her head held high, standing by her

Bigotry in the Shadows: Hate and Ignorance Still Hiding In Plain Sight

Coming from a small town and growing up in the 70s and around a lot of people who had problems with those who were different, I kept my homosexuality to myself. I

Angry God: Evangelicals Losing Influence on American Politics

Growing up in a Christian environment and discovering you’re gay at an early age can be a traumatic experience for a young person. Being gay is not a condition that can easily

Gay Marriage and Telling the Boss I’m Gay

Those who read my articles know very well that I’m gay; I never hide it. Thing is, I’ve never have come right out and told my boss. I just decided she must

Evangelicals and the Ministers of Hate

Let’s be clear, most evangelicals are just good Bible-believing people who try to live their lives holy and acceptable before God. When they object to things like abortion and gay marriage, it’s

In a Rick Santorum World: Freedom for a Few

Presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum loves to talk about freedom, all the while talking about how he’ll restrict freedom if he becomes president. Abortion restrictions, birth control restrictions, gay