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Stand Your Ground: Revolution of the Working-Class

Being a working-class American means you work for a living, simple and clear. Your income level could be within a wide range as some Americans are more successful than others, depending on

Middle-Class Keep Losing Ground While 1 Percent Grow Wealthier

Trickle-down economics have not been good for the middle-class, over time they keep losing ground to the wealthiest of Americans. An average middle-class family’s net worth has dropped along with their incomes

Obama says “The private sector is doing fine”: big gaffe?

I don’t think so. People are already making hay out of this, particularly with the comparison to the comment McCain made in ’08 about how “The fundamentals of the economy are strong”…

Who’s the Liar; Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Part Two

Continued from Part One Then there is former governor and current Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney. Let’s start with all of the major positions he’s changed his core beliefs about since

Who’s the Liar; Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Part One

The accusation of “liar” goes around a lot in politics these days. Barack Obama has been called a liar many times, along with several other names, such as communist, Nazi and socialist.

Mitt Romney Gives “F” to Obama and Criticizes Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney recently was asked to grade our current president; Barack Obama by CBS News correspondent, Jan Crawford. Romney replied to the question by saying “Oh, an ‘F,’ no question about that.”

Republican Lawmakers say Jobs Main Focus but Record Shows Otherwise

Republicans took back the House of Representatives back in 2010, along with control of state houses and governor’s seats across this country on a platform to create jobs for the recovery of

A Second Term for Barack Obama

As I reflect back to those days before the election in 2008 and I recall the feeling of hope so many of us had at the time. We had just lived through

Americans Want an Economy That Works For All, Not Just the Wealthy

Conservatives don’t seem to understand that a lot of Americans don’t really care about being rich. In fact, some of us mature to the point of understanding that if we were given

Improving Economy Proves Obama Right Man for Top Job

Job numbers are growing, the Health Care bill is showing savings for Medicare for over $200 billion by 2016, and the stock market is doing well; all of this, even after President