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Congress Approves Upcoming War With Iran

While the mainstream media (MSM) obsessed on the death of popstars, Mary Kennedy, and superpac ads, today the House passed another bill pushing the date of an Iran attack even closer. With

Nation Divided

I often hear someone say “Why does it take a national tragedy to bring us together?” and I realize that the question seems to be one of those “hidden” meanings that we

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote {Part Three: The System}

So; Welcome back. Well; we have talked alot about the current political and election system. Now we will speak of a less depressing subject and I hope; the one you have been waiting

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part One: The History}

If you think that today’s article is familiar; you are more than likely my wife. But on the off chance that you are someone else I should explain that I have posted

The Heart Of Liberalism

It seems that the word “Liberal” to many conservatives has become over time to mean “Evil” or the “Enemy”.  What I don’t think many on the Right realize is that it doesn’t

Tax Cuts – The Defining Line

I love where Congress and the president is right now; debating tax cuts and who should get them and who shouldn’t. First, lets clarify one thing; the American people are slowly learning

“Middle Of The Road”: Does it exist anymore?

Most of us probably would like to think that we are “Middle of the Road” when it comes to our thinking. For many of us, this may actually be true, but for