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The Multinational Takeover of American Elections

Mitt Romney’s  overseas trip has been fodder for the press and media as quite a source of humor and more example of fumbling and mumbling we have seen from the candidate since

Stand Your Ground: Revolution of the Working-Class

Being a working-class American means you work for a living, simple and clear. Your income level could be within a wide range as some Americans are more successful than others, depending on

I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

It is a very impressive room. A room; veritably dripping with power and authority. The authority to make decisions for all 300 million Americans. Decisions about whether the laws that Congress makes

House Republicans Pass Bill to End Public Campaign Financing

Last week, the GOP in the House of Representatives passed a bill to end public campaign financing.  This is something they’ve wanted to do for a long time now, and of course,

Class War: America and the World on the Brink

The biggest threat to democracy is a loss in faith in democracy by its people.  The same could be said about capitalism; if the majority of the population of a certain capitalist

ObamaCare and the U.S. Supreme Court: The Final Ruling

On Friday, August the 12th, the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that the mandate for all Americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. Of course, there have been

Wall Street Will Succeed Over Main Street

There are times that you have to stop and see the writing on the wall; the average  working class citizen of this country in twenty years will very likely be considered poor

Is Government The Problem? Or Is It Wall Street?

I well know that our government is not perfect;  it is dominated by two political parties that don’t always serve the general population’s interest.  Still, we have the power to change it

America: Both Socialism And Capitalism A Balance

One of the biggest fears from Conservatives is the  take over of socialism in this country; big government and lots of taxes.  One of the things that they don’t like to admit