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The Compassion of Heathens

Is there a difference between a religious person and someone who isn’t religious when it comes to having compassion? Does religion make someone care about others or is it that one cares

What If Jesus Ran for President and No One Knew…?

I have often wondered what would happen if Jesus decided to come back to earth for a short visit in the guise of an ordinary American citizen and see if he could

President Obama is Not the Antichrist

Recently, during one of President Obama’s speeches, a man in the audience heckled the President about him being the Antichrist.  I think what a lot of evangelicals and other conservatives don’t seem

Living By Faith

One of the hardest lessons for me is to learn how to Live By Faith.  Many of us may claim to live by faith, but take someone’s paycheck away and see how

Timeless God: No Fear

The way that we humans look at everything is through the prism of time.   The reason time has such a hold on our lives is because of death;  we all know it’s

Intercessory Prayer: A Powerful Force

I really don’t believe I would be talking to you now, if it hadn’t been for Intercessory Prayer; for I would be long dead and in the grave.  It was thanks to

Overcoming Fear: Trusting God

One of the things that controls many people’s lives is fear.   Many wake up every day,  fearing what might happen that very day.  I will also admit that there are times that

Being Gay And A Christian At The Same Time

I know many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are going to disagree with the title of this blog, but I’m not writing this blog for them, but for my lost

Getting To Know God

Loneliness is really quite a wide-spread emotion that affects millions and millions of people. Even people who live with their families but just are not having the kind of meaningful relationships they

Finding Peace With Yourself: Getting to Know God

I think I must have wasted a good half;  no, a good three-quarters of my life worrying about things and warring within myself about my convictions and the decisions I made.  Believe