Income Inequality: Conservatives Find Blame, Not Solutions

Jonas Goldberg, a conservative columnist, wrote an article in USA Today called “Define Income inequality” about a 12-year-old girl, Dasani Coates whom recently was living in a homeless shelter with her parents.

Elected Judges Make Political, Instead of Impartial Decisions

Our political system is rife with corruption, thanks to unlimited contributions from wealth constituents and political organizations trying to influence elections. Now, some want to bring judges into that by making it

No Such Thing as a Gay Lifestyle or a Gay Agenda

Recently, Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” came out by simply posting a comment on her Facebook page for the holidays, saying: “I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for

Beyond Christmas, Compassion in Short Supply for Republicans Lawmakers

Christmas time always brings a spirit of giving from most of us. The Salvation Army buckets gather donations, the homeless are given more attention than they usually get and needy families with

Rick Santorum’s View on “Free Health Care” Politically Twisted

When Rick Santorum opened his mouth recently about the Affordable Care Act and his view on health care, it revealed just how politically screwed up his thinking is: “If we have a

Stock Market Soars, but Jobs and Wages Do Not

Trickle-down Economics do not seem to trickle down. Instead, the economy seems to flow upward; as ordinary people lose their jobs and their income stagnates, those at the top keep making larger

Limbaugh and Palin’s Disapproval Shows Pope Frances on the Right Track

Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin have both made negative comments about the current Catholic pontiff, Pope Frances. To me, this is a good sign that the Call Center Discouraging For Some Callers

First, let me say that I have been and still am a supporter of the Affordable Care Act. Since day one – October 1 – I have been trying to sign up

Filibuster Rule Was Broken Because Democrats Had No Choice

Recently, U.S. Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-NV) ended the filibuster rule for executive appointments and federal court appointees, leaving the filibuster in place for legislation and U.S. Supreme Court nominees only. I

Go Ahead Harry, Use the Nuclear Option, or Limit Its Use

  Perhaps at one time, the filibuster was a good idea. Unfortunately, that was when there were reasonable people in the minority in our U.S. Senate, but that is no longer the