Having Power: The Keys

Part One   During the course of most of my life I have been through times that I felt powerless for the things that were going on around me. I couldn’t stop

Government Is Broken; Can it Be Fixed?

I am sure that no matter what your political persuasion is at this time in America, you’re fed up with our leaders in Washington. Our economy is in such bad shape and

President Obama is Not the Antichrist

Recently, during one of President Obama’s speeches, a man in the audience heckled the President about him being the Antichrist.  I think what a lot of evangelicals and other conservatives don’t seem

America’s Past Haunts its Future

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 I believe that it’s important that I make it clear of how I

Military Gays Can Now Stand Up

I’ve been grinning ear to ear in the last several hours, as we have finally taken another huge step by repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  Thanks to all of those who made

Give Me Democracy, Not Theocracy

An issue that was on my state’s (Oklahoma) ballot in 2010 was a law that banned Sharia Law.  Now I’m not a fan of Sharia Law and I wouldn’t want it to

The Hunger of a Child Should Never Be.

There were approximately 925 million peoplewho suffered from hunger in 2010. That is almost three times the population of our country. Malnutrition is also the cause of half of the deaths of

Wealthy Must Pay High Taxes or Pay Good Wages

Dear Readers, I have been having an on-going debate about the disparity between the rich and the poor with one of our contributors, conservamind.  Below is a comment he made on one

Global Warming: The Real and the Make Believe.

Written By fidlerten & PushyOldBroad “I left Earth three times. I found no place else to go. Please take care of Spaceship Earth.” -Naval Officer Wally Schirra, who flew around Earth on

Death Penalty Is Not Our Right

When it comes to punishment for crimes, I am actually more conservative than the average conservative, and I’m definitely not conservative. My opinion is that if you break a law and go