I was writing the piece on Election reform when I found myself in the middle of the following paragraph with a sense that I had hit on another issue that deserved more

Obama’s Success is Republican’s Failure

In the last several months, we’ve watched as President Barack Obama has had one success after another when it comes to killing terrorists. There’s one thing to claim you’re going to get

A World Without Hunger

There were 925 million people who suffered from hunger in the year 2010. Yet there is enough food to feed everyone, mostly because of our oceans.  Though, there is plenty land to

The Right to Vote; Endangered For Many

There is a concerted effort coming from the right, to make it more difficult for some of our citizens to vote. This effort will mostly affect the poor and the elderly. This

Blood-Fascist Cops-OWS

Americans are being beaten bloody in the streets. They are being hit, kicked, suffocated, dragged and jailed for participating in or sometimes just being near the OWS protest in New York. In

Abortion and the Unwanted Child

I was an unwanted child growing up. My mother made it very clear to me from the first time I could understand anything that she didn’t want me, she never wanted me.

Republicans Priority: Anti-Abortion, Obama Priority: Jobs

If I remember, it was the Republican’s campaigned on jobs which swept them into power in the United States House of Representatives in November 2010. But it seems the only thing they’ve

Occupy Wall Street Scaring Conservatives and Corporations

The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing. All over the country, more and more of America’s disenfranchised are coming together to protest in the streets of America’s largest cities. Despite predictions from

To Our Reader; Some Changes

First I want to thank you all for subscribing to our website and I hope we can continue to count on your viewership. As has been my original intentions, is to

Having Power II: Understanding the Universe

Part Two In Part One, I discussed how what you say can affect things in your life. Now I would like to go beyond just what you see and understand and help