What Effect Will “Occupy” Movement Have on 2012 Election?

The question that is lurking in many of our minds is this; will the “Occupy” movement affect the 2012 election? And how much of an effect will it have? Will the movement

House Republicans Pass Bill to End Public Campaign Financing

Last week, the GOP in the House of Representatives passed a bill to end public campaign financing.  This is something they’ve wanted to do for a long time now, and of course,

Chicken-s_ _t Chesapeake

It’s from the land of pleasant living we bring you a tale of government sponsored pollution and political corruption that might; if you live near our beautiful bay or have any love for

Center Focus; My Christmases Alone

Every holiday for me is like pulling teeth. I only want to find a corner someplace and crawl into it. I constantly want to cry and sometimes I wish to just find

A Christmas Story; Journey From Bethlehem

The Nativity story is a very beautiful story that we all love to hear come Christmas every year, but we often forget that it was the story of the beginning of the

Bow Out Now Mr. Herman Cain; Sleaze Ball

Yet another woman has stepped forward, claiming that she had a consensual extramarital affair with Mr. Cain for Thirteen years and that relationship was going on, right up to the time that

The Edge of Darkness; Suicide in America

Years ago, I faced my own demons when it came to suicide. I don’t know what leads others to the edge of darkness, but I know what brought me there. It might

You Are the “Ninety-Nine Percent” if…

You are the Ninety-Nine Percent if… *You get up five days a week and head off to a regular job. *You go to sleep at night wondering if you’ll be able to

Health Care In the Hands of Conservative Supreme Court

Before long, Chief Justice John Roberts and his conservative leaning court will decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act that President Obama and a Democrat-controlled congress passed in early 2010.  The

GOP Presidential Candidates; Who’s the Next Flavor of the Month?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a ball watching this line up of clowns vying for attention and saying some of the most outrageous things.  I’ve watched quite a