The Gun Violence That Never Stops

Senseless killing, blamed on mental illness, as though somehow we in America must always be on the lookout for those who are deranged, depressed and angry at the world. It is true

Ann Coulter Makes Ridiculous Remarks about Marijuana in Piers Morgan Interview

Ann Coulter in my books just became to poster child for the misinformed – if not uninformed – when it comes to the use of marijuana, because of her comments concerning pot

MSNBC’s Christie Bridgegate Wall-to-Wall Media Coverage Shows Obsession

For a long time now, I have been a big fan of MSNBC. I work a graveyard shift and being I am a blogger, I depend upon the late night rerun of

Marriage Equality Coming to Oklahoma: Judge Rules State Ban Unconstitutional

Though same-sex couples will still have to wait for the appeals process to be worked through, eventually, gay people will be able to marry in my conservative state of Oklahoma. Governor Mary

The Violent, the Greedy and the Intolerant: Inequality Main Driver to Terrorism

Reading an article in USA Today about how Al Qaeda has gained a foothold in Iraq, I was reminded of a war that we did not need to have but I also

Income Inequality: Conservatives Find Blame, Not Solutions

Jonas Goldberg, a conservative columnist, wrote an article in USA Today called “Define Income inequality” about a 12-year-old girl, Dasani Coates whom recently was living in a homeless shelter with her parents.

Elected Judges Make Political, Instead of Impartial Decisions

Our political system is rife with corruption, thanks to unlimited contributions from wealth constituents and political organizations trying to influence elections. Now, some want to bring judges into that by making it

No Such Thing as a Gay Lifestyle or a Gay Agenda

Recently, Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” came out by simply posting a comment on her Facebook page for the holidays, saying: “I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for

Beyond Christmas, Compassion in Short Supply for Republicans Lawmakers

Christmas time always brings a spirit of giving from most of us. The Salvation Army buckets gather donations, the homeless are given more attention than they usually get and needy families with

Rick Santorum’s View on “Free Health Care” Politically Twisted

When Rick Santorum opened his mouth recently about the Affordable Care Act and his view on health care, it revealed just how politically screwed up his thinking is: “If we have a