Questions Remain in Trayvon Martin Case

Because of leaks by police sources, several questions need answers. There seems to be an effort to paint the young teen, Trayvon Martin as some kind of bad kid. Trayvon was suspended

Racism in America: Live and Well

The stigma of racism seems to be a lasting legacy for America – no matter how we try to separate ourselves from it, mostly through our laws and our courts, we still

A Drop of the Hard Stuff by Lawrence Block

Copyrighted in May 2011 and published Mulholland Books / Little Brown and Company, A Drop of the Hard Stuff is a mystery and detective novel and one I bought at a meet

Romney Advisor Compares General Campaign to Etch a Sketch

Romney Advisor  Eric Fehrnstrom has confirmed what many of us already knew would happen once Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee and that is he will do a complete

Leniency needs to be applied to Tyler Clementi Roommate’s Sentencing

As a gay man, I’ve faced harassment many times in my life. I’ve also been beaten into a pulp because I happened to be stepping out of a gay bar with some

Liberals Need to Stop Supporting Welfare

Anyone who reads my blogs, know I’m liberal and I’m supportive of most liberal causes.  But there are a few things I’m not liberal about and one of those is Welfare.  Don’t

Trayvon Martin: Another Victim of “Stand Your Ground” Law

Outrage is the best way to describe the feelings of African-Americans and anyone who has a sense that something went really wrong when a man named George Zimmerman; a Neighborhood Watch captain

In a Rick Santorum World: Freedom for a Few

Presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum loves to talk about freedom, all the while talking about how he’ll restrict freedom if he becomes president. Abortion restrictions, birth control restrictions, gay

Battered Wives and their Children: Walking Away

It may surprise many of us just how many women out there are battered and living with a husband or at least a mate who treats them like garbage and slaves. Some

Biden on Obama:We Want a President With the Courage of His Convictions

Vice President Joe Biden struck out on the campaign trail yesterday, lauding President Obama and his economic policy. The main point of his message concerned the bailout of the auto industry by