Biden on Obama:We Want a President With the Courage of His Convictions

Vice President Joe Biden struck out on the campaign trail yesterday, lauding President Obama and his economic policy. The main point of his message concerned the bailout of the auto industry by

4 Suggestions Before Obama Invades Another Country

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron came to D.C. and met with the President (for a reason I’m unaware of). The joint appearance was filled with threatening rhetoric by the President relating

If it wasn’t for Big Government…

If it wasn’t for Big Government – we would be driving on dirt roads and it would probably take us months to drive from the East Coast to the West Coast or

Santorum Sweeps So-called Front Runner In Southern Victory

Among the many promises from the GOP candidates, Gingrich’s “grandiose” promise to make gas $2.50 didn’t resonate with southern voters as a result of the Mississippi and Alabama–and Hawaii–primaries. Santorum took Alabama

Compassion is Neither Blue or Red

I’m a liberal, but I also live in a conservative state – Oklahoma.  I was born in this state though I’ve also lived for fourteen and a half years in California. California

Voter ID Laws: Stopping Fraud or Blocking Votes?

If this was Putin’s Russia or many of the countries that are being ruled by dictators or regimes that are determined to stay in power, even if it means cheating the voting

Short Take on HBO’s “Game Change”

I just finished watching “Game Change” on HBO Demand and I must say I enjoyed it. I don’t know how much was artistic liberty but even if half of Sarah Palin’s portrayal

The Rise and fall of the Republican Party

Back in the year 2000 the Republican Party successfully put George W. Bush in as their president but that was after a debacle in Florida that ended up questioning the legitimacy of

Strange enough: 2012 Election May be About Women’s Rights

I’m pinching myself to be sure I’m actually not dreaming as I watch the Republican Party hand over the 2012 election to us Democrats. Back in 2010, Republicans took over the U.S.

U.S. Foreign Policy Should Not be based on Fear

I realize that many of us have our eyes on Iran and the danger they pose because of their development of uranium centrifuges, as this brings them even closer to developing a