A Culture of Violence: Shooting In Colorado Will Change Nothing

In the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado where a lone gunman walked into a packed theater and began shooting moviegoers, most of us realize just how easily it could have

After DOMA: The Future of Gay Marriage in America

I think it’s probably safe to say that gay marriage is eventually going to happen in America, and I don’t mean state by state. What I mean is the end of DOMA

“Rich People Have Rights Too” Says Mr Babs

“Rich People Have Rights too.” Says Mr. Babs “ROBIN HOOD”- A Thief? No; fighter for right and justice against the oppression of The Tyrant Usurper Defender of the poor and the rightful

Liberals Fed Up With Listening to Anti-Obama Rhetoric from the Right

I believe I speak for many of my fellow liberals when I say this; please leave our president alone. We are tired of the made-up garbage from conservative corners that constantly berates

A Deserving Legacy for Hillary Clinton

I’ve been a fan of Hillary’s for a long time, back during the Monica Lewinsky affair as she kept such a brave face and kept her head held high, standing by her

Evil, Rich People Don’t Have Rights

Rich people may be evil but they have rights This post is to remind people that rich people have rights, too. They should not be treated differently because of their status for

Democrats Should Support Ending Abortion, Just Not Enforcement

I must tell you; even though I’m a liberal I do not support abortion. I’ll be clear; I don’t support the criminalization of abortion or even for government to get involved with

Child Hunger Should Be Top Concern of Civilized Society

There are times in my life that I get so wrapped up in what I want and how successful I can be. I even sometimes let myself feel sorry for myself because

Mitt Romney’s Heart: Republican Nominee Pleads His Case to NAACP

Mitt Romney, as any presidential candidate – regardless of party – got invited to speak to the NAACP. At least Mitt accepted the invitation as his Republican predecessor George W. Bush, turned

Tax Cut Extension for Middle-Class, Great Political Move – Bad Economics

President Obama has made a political move by offering continuance of the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans while the tax cuts for the top two income brackets expires. I