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  1. avatar Terri Goodheart says:

    I SO agree with your article about Ted Nuggent! I am a Democrat living in a hugely red state of Texas.. At one time it was very blue, Republican money and gerrymandering to the max has made sure that at least for the time being, its going to stay red. But I see a lot of unopposed canidates and I have to wonder what’s going on. I hope Ted’s comments will derail Abbott’s push for governor, but it probably won’t. There are a lot of ignorant Republicans that live in this state. They have barely graduated from high school and they don’t read or keep up with current issues. Instead, they learn what they need to know from their daily dose of Rush Limbaugh.
    I want this state back in the hands of a reasonable and fair person…not some whack-job who feeds off of rich, self-interest money.

    Thanks for your totally accurate assessment of what’s happening in Texas….keep up the good work my friend!


    Terri Goodheart
    Kaufman, Texas

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      I live in Oklahoma so I get my own dose of Republican politics too, but I don’t think it is as bad here as in Texas.

      Eventually, as I said, your state will go purple because the Hispanic community is growing. I think the best thing for Democrats to do is to push for the end of gerrymandering in the state of Texas. If you end that, the state will go purple, even blue before you know it.

      Thanks for your response and your comments.

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