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Democrats Should Relax, Republicans Will Lose in 2016

The GOP had a good night Tuesday Night, sweeping into a majority in the U.S. Senate – though still not enough to overcome a super majority of 60 seats, which is what

Imagine: America without the GOP

Legislative roadblocks, religious extremism, Tea Party bigotry, and favoritism to wealthy interests in the form of huge tax cuts and deregulation for chemical polluters of our air and water. All this along

Koch Brothers’ Money and Government for Sale: $27 Million Spent and Counting

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch like to use their money to influence politics. There reasons are suspect, but it most assuredly has to do with the bottom line; the profits they

Christie Best Chance for Republicans to Retake White House in 2016

As a Democrat, New Jersey governor Chris Christie does not represent my interests; he does not support raising the minimum wage, he favors big business over ordinary citizens, he is against same-sex

Complainer Bruce’s Cousin, Tea Party Ted

Recently, I read a story by a blogger named Howard Parmet that I found to be quite telling about our dear friend Ted Cruz and wanted to share it with you. You

Tea Party Ted Cruz Will Never Be President

I am always amazed at the delusional level that Tea Party Republicans go to when it comes to their belief that most Americans support them, no matter what the polls say. It

Tea Party of God or Party of Hypocrites

Larry Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch, a Tea Party group got up in front of a crowd at the World War II Memorial Sunday and accused President Obama of being a

America’s Moderates Must Take Back the Country

Extremism, though it is from the left or right of politics is not a good thing. We have all seen what extremism has done to other countries, such as in the Middle

The GOP Must Accept a More Progressive Platform or Face Its Demise

I understand that many Republicans, at least the ordinary Republicans, have reasons for their conservative views and some of those views are even reasonable. I also know that many of their views

Tea Party Groups Tax Exempt Because of Social Welfare: Really?

I understand the outrage over the IRS singling out applicants for the 501(c) (4) tax-exempt status by the use of certain words, such as “Tea Party” and “Patriot”, but I do not