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If Life Only Had a Reset Button …

I have made many mistakes in my life. I chose not to get a good education and so now, I am poor, as far as average living standards go that is. I

Those Who Are Offended Easy Will Find Happiness Hard to Come By

I am preaching to myself here when I say that if you are easily and often offended, you are only robbing yourself of happiness. The longer we stay offended, the longer we

The True Parent Helps Us Understand Integrating Character Traits

Re-post from This morning, like many others when I was in the privacy of my shower or enjoying nature in solitude, my thoughts turned to prayer to conversation. But it really

Getting Back on my Feet

My life has had its share of joys and disappointments; earning degrees and awards to decades of underemployment, raising three beautiful children to letting them go, the pride of home ownership to

The Edge of Darkness; Suicide in America

Years ago, I faced my own demons when it came to suicide. I don’t know what leads others to the edge of darkness, but I know what brought me there. It might

Having Power II: Understanding the Universe

Part Two In Part One, I discussed how what you say can affect things in your life. Now I would like to go beyond just what you see and understand and help

Having Power: The Keys

Part One   During the course of most of my life I have been through times that I felt powerless for the things that were going on around me. I couldn’t stop