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Poverty and Remaking America

Re-post from January 12, 2012 I was pleased to be invited to serve as a guest blogger for Tavis Smiley’s Remaking America tv show. This year his show discussed poverty in America

Welfare and time limits

Welfare and social programs are all things that help people out but they also “hinder” our economy if you leave it up to politicians. In my opinion, I believe there should be

Black America

Old Post BUT powerful message: As all this criticism arises about Obama not catering to the black community and how he told the CBC to stop whining and complaining and start

Tea Party and their Assassination attempts of President Obama

Repost from Politicalnomics: Jules Manson from California, first you would think of Charles Manson, the convicted serial killer. Anyway, Jules Manson is a failed tea party candidate from California who called for the

Life and Faith

Broad topic , I know but that topic alone covers a wide array of stuff dealing with people and how they perceive their life. Some people grow up to be sad miserable