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Stock Market Soars While Workers Struggle

The Stock Market has had record-breaking profits for Corporate America and businesses are doing just fine. Unfortunately, they are keeping it to themselves and not sharing it with their workers. Workers’ wages

Tax Cut Extension for Middle-Class, Great Political Move – Bad Economics

President Obama has made a political move by offering continuance of the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans while the tax cuts for the top two income brackets expires. I

An Alternative To Stopping Government Corruption

Originally posted on Minds Alike blog. Lord Acton said power tends to corrupt. I couldn’t agree more. In a previous post, I wrote about how the government reflects the people it governs. Despite


Most of us have some idea of what we consider American but when someone uses the word un-American, what does that mean? As far as what is American, apple pie comes to

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote {Part Four: The Campaign}

If you read the previous installment of this article, you will recall that rather than give us a system where the State Legislatures elected the President which would have been a straight-forward

House Republicans Standing in the Way of Tax Cuts for Millions

It seems to me that House Republicans in Congress just don’t get it; they’re still being led by the nose by the Tea Party crowd. Don’t they realize that the American people

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote {Part Three: The System}

So; Welcome back. Well; we have talked alot about the current political and election system. Now we will speak of a less depressing subject and I hope; the one you have been waiting

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part Two: The Electoral College}

If you read the first installment of this article, you will recall that we discussed the real reasons for the American Revolution and the true charactor of the Founding Fathers who initiated

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part One: The History}

If you think that today’s article is familiar; you are more than likely my wife. But on the off chance that you are someone else I should explain that I have posted

What Effect Will “Occupy” Movement Have on 2012 Election?

The question that is lurking in many of our minds is this; will the “Occupy” movement affect the 2012 election? And how much of an effect will it have? Will the movement