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I Was Alone and No One Came

I was a child, hungry and afraid, abused by my parents who supposed to love me, and no one came. I was homeless, addicted to alcohol and drugs because I was weak,

Monsters of Christmas, Real and Imagined

A hungry child will wake up on Christmas morning, not to Christmas presents under a tree but to a drunk or drugged out parent passed out on the couch and with nothing

If Life Only Had a Reset Button …

I have made many mistakes in my life. I chose not to get a good education and so now, I am poor, as far as average living standards go that is. I

Beyond Christmas, Compassion in Short Supply for Republicans Lawmakers

Christmas time always brings a spirit of giving from most of us. The Salvation Army buckets gather donations, the homeless are given more attention than they usually get and needy families with

Those Who Are Offended Easy Will Find Happiness Hard to Come By

I am preaching to myself here when I say that if you are easily and often offended, you are only robbing yourself of happiness. The longer we stay offended, the longer we

Cause of Homelessness in America is Diverse

As someone, who was worked for a homeless shelter for over five years and whose job description sometimes meant signing in walk-ins and staffing the phones for referrals, I have met many

The Future of Robotics: Imagine a World without Workers

If any of us choose to look far enough into the future, they might see a day coming when no one will work, unless they just want to.  Though the common worker

A Personal Note to My Readers

I want my readers to know the reason I haven’t been posting that much lately. I do want to assure everyone that it isn’t because I have lost any interest whatsoever. My

The Smile on a Mother’s Face and My Heart is Envious

Today I’m feeling a little envious of someone. That someone is Michael Phelps. It has nothing to do with his gold medals, his good looks or how much more money he probably

Maryland; My Maryland: Shame Is Your Lot ; Weakness Your Only Sad Excuse.

Maryland; my home for all of my fifty-three years. As States go; I thought Maryland to be better than some. Worse than others; but a State generally inclined toward the Democratic Party;