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Love Those Gay Rights? Thank Drag Queens

It is important to remember that if it were not for those flamboyant drag queens standing tall and proud, there would be no gay rights to enjoy. LGBT members are a mixed

“Religious Liberty’s” Slippery Slope

Because of “Religious Liberty”, an Oregon bakery owned by Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. They have been ordered by the Oregon Bureau of

Oklahoma Republican Lawmaker Wants Hoodies Banned

Oklahoma State Sen. Don Barrington (R) has nothing better to do with his time but make up laws that give cops just another reason to harass black men. He has proposed a

Police Culture of Lethal Force Needs to Change

As a night auditor at a popular hotel brand, and one that used to be a place where cops frequented for coffee and perhaps something from our breakfast items, I have gotten

Why Do You Care Who I Marry? Gays Want to Know

Same-sex Marriage is now legal in 30 states, and in the last several years, we have seen not only an escalation in gay rights and gay marriage, but also a sea change

Coming Out at Work: A Decision That Could be Life-Changing

I have had two jobs where I came out of the closet; one was a big mistake and the other was the right thing to do. For many gay people, deciding to

Republican Efforts to Block Votes Shows Desperation

Democracy is a precious instrument needed to prevent dictators from overcoming the Will of the People. Democracy assures freedom and liberty for everyone. However, the very core of democracy is threatened when

Conservatives Want to Cure Gays and Stone Them

I always find it interesting when a heterosexual thinks they have the ability to understand what makes someone gay. Texas governor Rick Perry compared being gay to being an alcoholic. Speaking in

Michael Sam Knocks Down another Wall for Gay Rights

I am not a football fan in even the least sense of the word. In fact, if I was having difficulty sleeping, watching a football game would surely end my bout of

Beyond Bigotry: GOP Needs Self-Examination Over Racism

To hear conservatives talk about racism, it is as though America has moved away from racism and it is only because liberals, or in other words Democrats, are the ones who keep