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Barrack Obama Is The Greatest President We Have Had; In The Last 43 Years.

Barrack Obama has done what no other President has. He has actually benefitted the American people. Not with vague promises and less than obvious laws that are predicted to do some good

“Rich People Have Rights Too” Says Mr Babs

“Rich People Have Rights too.” Says Mr. Babs “ROBIN HOOD”- A Thief? No; fighter for right and justice against the oppression of The Tyrant Usurper Defender of the poor and the rightful

A Republican Aristocrat Speaks Out And Tells The Truth (For Once)

An American Aristocrat; Mitt’s Ancestor Perhaps? Or A Bush Maybe? We don’t know but he looks like a jolly good fellow to me. Greetings to all you real Americans out there. I’m

Maryland; My Maryland: Shame Is Your Lot ; Weakness Your Only Sad Excuse.

Maryland; my home for all of my fifty-three years. As States go; I thought Maryland to be better than some. Worse than others; but a State generally inclined toward the Democratic Party;

Sometimes Short Just Doesn’t Get The Job Done: A Treatise On Racism In America

The History and The Inspiration: I began this article several months ago. I never felt that it was ready for publication and one thing leading to another; it sat in my files

I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

It is a very impressive room. A room; veritably dripping with power and authority. The authority to make decisions for all 300 million Americans. Decisions about whether the laws that Congress makes

Oh Martin’o – Martin’o; Wherefore Art Thou Martin’o ………………………..Malley?

Anyone like Shakespeare? I love Shakespeare. How about the Comedies? Great huh? Well in the beautiful State of Maryland; in the country called the United States; We have a political comedy going

But I Can’t Remember Where Or When

It seems we’ve often met like this before. We looked at each other in the same way then. But I can’t remember where or when ********************************************************* Well; here we are again.

The Ugly Head

The last time I posted; I left off by saying that though I believed in a Grassroots Movement; I found that when I examined the roots; another problem reared it’s ugly head.

I Used To Think I Was A Conservative…No Wait; A Liberal….Or…

Maybe I was just confused. Then; over time; I began to realise that far from being confused; I had a very good hold on what I thought and think about the various