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Obama’s Second Presidential Inauguration: Here is Hoping for Greatness

President Barack Obama has finally crossed the last threshold into his second term as president. His speechwriter deserves great praise for a speech I believe will be historical in its full context.

President Obama at 2012 DNC: “Choose”

When President Obama stepped into the White House almost four years ago, he had a plan and a vision for this country. Even though he has faced incredible opposition from Republican lawmakers

DNC: Pro Labor, Pro Gay Rights, Pro Prosperity for All

We have just stepped away from three days of an Obama-bashing convention, put on by the RNC (Republican National Convention). There weren’t many specifics to what the GOP and their candidate for

Transportation Bill: Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure Will Improve the Economy

Most of us would agree that our infrastructure is crumbling, with bridges and roads, sewer systems, and our electric gird is falling apart all across the country. No one would argue against

Is “A Perfect Union” Only a Dream for America?

I sat and watched television last night and listened as the Republican candidates put each other down and put President Obama down and I thought to myself “It’s so sad that we’re

A Lame Duck Obama Presidency May Prove Fruitful

At this point, none of us know if President Barack Obama will manage to survive next year’s election and come out a Lame Duck president.  The one thing that makes a president’s

Hopeless in America, but Wall Street Prospers

Many Americans are waking up every day and wondering if they can stay afloat.  They’re asking themselves whether they can make their next house payment, meet their children’s needs, and ensure that

Republicans Priority: Anti-Abortion, Obama Priority: Jobs

If I remember, it was the Republican’s campaigned on jobs which swept them into power in the United States House of Representatives in November 2010. But it seems the only thing they’ve

Wall Street on Notice: Stop the Greed

It seems clear to me that there’s a new movement across the country.  A movement that I predicted months ago would happen.  Finally the American People are getting fed up with losing

American Jobs Act: Congressional Republicans Litmus Test

Finally President Barack Obama laid out his 447 billion dollar jobs package before a joint session of Congress. The package will of course be gone over with a fine tooth comb by