Tea Party Ted Cruz Will Never Be President

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I am always amazed at the delusional level that Tea Party Republicans go to when it comes to their belief that most Americans support them, no matter what the polls say. It is easier for them to deny the polls are the real reflection of America’s opinion than to actually believe they are not liked by most Americans. For them, they just scoff at it by calling those who do not support them as not being real Americans. As far as I’m concerned, if anyone is un-American, it is Tea Party Republicans; who else would try bringing down the American economy, just to get their own way.

Ted Cruz to me is the poster boy for Tea Party thinking. To affirm that he is in the right, he, like all Tea Party members, always says the American people want this or the American people want that. What he really is say is, the Tea Party wants this or the Tea Party wants that, or to be a little more specific – it’s he wants this or he wants that – but it is never a majority of Americans because he does not represent a majority of Americans. He certainly does not speak for the American people when he says he does, part of the delusion that Tea Party members are under.

I think Canadian-born Ted Cruz really believes he has a chance to become president of this great nation that somehow Americans are going to change their current opinion of him enough for him to swing himself into the White House. Mitt Romney had a much better chance that he does or that he ever will have.  He really didn’t have a chance before the government shutdown but he certainly does not have a chance now, now that more Americans know who he is and what he stands for and what he is willing to do to get his way. Trying to take down the nation’s economy is no way to win the White House.

Perhaps he believes he can change voting laws enough to block enough Democratic-leaning voters at the polls, but even then, many independents and even many moderate Republicans don’t like him either. Perhaps he’s counting on American’s to forget his past record of leading the charge to not only shut down the government but also to continue leaving the government shut down and the debt ceiling the same, which would have eventually sent the nation’s debt into default.

In reality, Ted Cruz’s political career will surely be a short one. I haven’t looked up when he will be up for reelection but I have a hunch that Texans will finally get tired of his antics, at least Texans who do not follow the Tea Party brand of politics of no compromise, or the, it’s my way or the highway attitude.

Can Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination for president? Probably not. Let us not forget Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum; they all had their moments in the spotlight but eventually, they all lost out to the big phony guy, Mitt Romney, who was no favorite of the Tea Party.

Still, we Democrats are hoping that the Republican Party does choose someone like Ted Cruz because then we know there is no way in the general election, such a divisive and uncompromising candidate is going to win. Whoever our candidate is, though it’s Hillary or some other candidate, that person is more likely to be in the middle and someone who can draw independents, who are the people who will in the end, choose who our next president is, thanks to such a tightly divided electorate.

I think we Democrats should sit back and watch the show as Republicans keep pushing themselves further over the edge and off the scale of ever winning the presidency again. As long as the Tea Party is in control of the GOP, we progressives can enjoy the ride to the top, as all we need to do is give Republicans enough rope to hang themselves, and hand full power to the party who is still in the mainstream of what America really stands for; the Democratic Party.

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