Why Some Children Never Seem to Matter

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I am sure that most of us care about our children, we care about other people’s children, and we care what happens to them. Still, children around the world are starving, while we tuck our little ones to bed. Then of course, many of us do care about those children and many of us give to worthy causes that feed them. However, all that we do, no matter how much, is still not enough; many children are still hungry and many are still dying every day.

Quoting from WorldHunger.org:

“Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of the 7.6 million child deaths each year.  (UNICEF 2008, p 1). Children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year.  Undernutrition magnifies the effect of every disease, including measles and malaria.  The estimated proportions of deaths in which undernutrition is an underlying cause are roughly similar for diarrhea (61%), malaria (57%), pneumonia (52%), and measles (45%) (Black 2003, Bryce et al. 2005).   Malnutrition can also be caused by diseases, such as the diseases that cause diarrhea, by reducing the body’s ability to convert food into usable nutrients.”

Churches and other religious organizations of other faiths I am certain, collect hundreds of millions of dollars every year to feed children in other countries.

Some of them, particularly the larger ones, provide missions/missionaries and worthy programs, that reach millions of children, and many are fed. However, we must know and realize in our hearts, that it is not enough, and as far as our personal giving to private organizations, no matter how generous, it is not enough. If it was, why are so many children starving to death?

These children, these starving and dying little innocent angels, no matter their skin color, no matter where they live, are dying because dictators and selfish, greedy people block the help they need and leave them to die of hunger and disease.

From another perspective: All of our hearts broke — including mine — when twenty little ones were taken from us because of a crazed young man on a killing spree. Yet, because of the great distance and the great number of degrees of separation, tens of thousands of children die every day, after usually painfully long periods of having no food at all to eat, or because of disease that ravaged their little bodies without medicine to cure them.

As for me, I feel helpless and sometimes hopeless when it comes to so many children’s needs, as I am sure others do.

There are those who believe we should give to our own children here in America instead. I agree, we should give to our own children here in America but that does not mean we cannot also give to children who are much worse off than any American child ever could be or will be.

Our best hope is political, that all tyrannical governments around the world will finally give way to democracy so that social conscience and elected government will lead to programs that will feed, provide medicine and all the other things that children need, and even a few things they want.

When I think about growing up, and how secure I was and that every morning I would wake up and there would be food on the table. I also never remember going to bed hungry when I was a child, though since adulthood, I have missed many meals because of funds. Still, I have never starved, thanks to the grace of God. I think of what we Americans throw in the trash every day and how many children would be so happy just to have that, even after it was thrown in the trash.

I do know we all have good reason to be thankful we are born here in the United States and we must realize the difficulty that other parents in other lands go through. Some of them wake up every morning, doing whatever they have to so to provide food, medicine and shelter for their families and many times failing, watching their families do without the basic things they need. They do this while we ourselves are planning on how we will send our kids to college and save for our own retirement.

Abortion is terrible but child starvation is worse. For those who so strongly believe in the sanctity of life, I can think of thousands of innocent children who need their strength and courage that has led them to stand outside abortion clinics holding protest signs. Instead, they should focus that energy in helping overtake dictatorships that starve and kill not only children, but also millions of people of all ages around the world.

Starvation is not just happening because there is not enough food to go around; it is because enough food does not get to those who need it, to children who were born so deep in poverty and despair, as we have never seen in our lifetimes. These children, who have no voice because it is buried under the weight of politics, greed and a need for supremacy, need someone to speak for them.

Let us give voice to all those who have no voice, who live in repressive societies and ruled by evil men who care nothing for them. Let us shout “democracy” to the four corners of the earth until no force of merciless dominance stands.

I hope and you hope, for the hopeless: children born, only to die of hunger. Some children never seem to matter.

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