Bead-Reader #2 – NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Speaks Only for Gun Makers and Buyers

Mr. Pierre deserves to be on this Bead-Reader’s list. He is way out of touch with the world he lives in and his paranoia affects way too many people.

First Wayne, the government is not out to get you. As long as you do not go on a killing rampage, or lock yourself and several hostages up in a compound with a stockpile of assault weapons, the government — including President Barack Obama — will pretty much leave you alone.

Secondly, you seem to love to use the words “law-abiding citizens”. Many times, law-abiding citizens do stupid things and become non-law-abiding citizens, but not before, they killed someone with a gun, perhaps after one too many beers at the local tavern.

Many “law-abiding citizens” would like to see the end of assault rifles and large magazine clips in the hands of regular citizens. Those law-abiding citizens have a God-given right to live free of gun violence in their schools and upon their children.

We can sit here and argue about the Constitution and how the Second Amendment guarantees your right to any weapon whatsoever, and even to the point of “Absolutism”– which by the way, the very idea of an “Amendment” shows anything but “Absolutism” — and at the end of the day, in this democracy, the American people want reasonable gun control.

Thirdly, Mr. LaPierre you are going against a large majority, 75 percent of your own members, in your stance and the organization’s stance toward any gun regulation at all, including background checks.  Frankly, it appears as though you are only supporting the interest of the gun manufactures and the buyers and sellers of the heavy assault rifles that would be banned under a renewal of the old 1994 Clinton administration law that a Republican Congress let expire in 2004.

Which would mean, if it were true, that you really have no interest in what the Constitution says, or the protection of our children in our schools, unless it includes more guns of course. Perhaps it is all about gun sales, and perhaps paranoia, and the paranoia of some of the extreme members of your group such as yourself. This is what it would seem to me at least, if not others.

Unfortunately, it looks as though you and your organization will win yet again. A ban on assault rifles — guns that have no real purpose but to kill as many people as possible — is unlikely with our Congress divided as is. However, there is one thing has strength and may make its way through our Congress by popular demand; background check on every gun purchase. I would also hope the penalty for breaking the law, is set as a felony, no less and most importantly, heavily enforced.

I believe that over a long period, a strong background check will lessen the number of mass shootings by lessening the number of guns on the streets. Though a ban on the new manufacture of any assault weapons that are deemed to be of no value but war machines, or at least a ban on large ammunition clips would be much more effective in cutting down on the carnage going on across America.

Lastly Wayne LaPierre, I believe that you and your organization is at least partly responsible for the saturation of guns in our country, and if it had not been for people like you and others like you — standing in the way of decent comprehensive gun legislation — there would be less death in our streets today.

It is a shame that you are so blinded by your fears and because of it, taken a stance of stubbornness, without working to find effective solutions to the problem.  Worse is when you continue to push against what is evidentially a failing agenda. Though I doubt you will finally see the error of your ways, the numbers of Americans for more gun control still will grow, I believe. In addition, as long as you continue to take a no-gun-control-at-all policy, as an organization and as an individual, your power will wane into nonexistence.

My advice to you is to get on board with the program of what America wants and at least support background checks. Otherwise, get off at the next station.

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