Boy Scouts of America: Openly Gay People More Trustworthy

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Many of us grow enlightened while some remain in the dark — when it comes to understanding anything about gay people. For one thing, a gay person is no more likely to molest children than a straight person would.

Professor Gregory M. Herek, PH.D., who is known as a leading authority on prejudices toward gays and lesbians, said this in a blog titled, Facts about Homosexuality and Child Molestation:

“The distinction between a victim’s gender and a perpetrator’s sexual orientation is important because many child molesters don’t really have an adult sexual orientation.”

I should also point out a clear, common sense reality here: The only gay men that the Boys Scouts banned before the change were those who were open and honest about their sexual orientation. Thanks to generations of a repressed society about homosexuality, there are now tens of millions of closeted gays, afraid to come out, in fear of being rejected from the people in their life that are so important to them. They are brought up in strict religious households and have been taught all their lives that they were evil, that God did not love them.

I would like to ask those who oppose LGBT citizens participating in the Boys Scouts: Would they rather have someone who is open about their sexuality allowed into the organization, or someone who hides their sexual desires from others?

Someone who is open about his or her sexuality certainly would be someone I would trust over a homophobic any day of the week. I have known many homophobes throughout my lifetime and I can tell you, these guys usually are having some kind of sexual orientation identity issue. I will not explain to you how I know this, but trust me I know.

The Boys Scouts made the right move because I am sure the organization will find that those who are open about their sexuality are much more likely not to harm the children put into their custody, by molesting them. I know this in my heart and someday we will see the results of that.

Until then, gay people will continue to become a much more part of society, accepted and appreciated. Many more of us will have families of our own and most of our kids will grow up just as well-adjusted as the average child, if not better.

Homosexuality is not a behavior problem, as some of the critics of gay rights have claimed it to be. I have known many straight people who have behavior problems. Perhaps you could consider a prostitute as someone with a behavior problem, along with the men who pick them up. There are gays who have a behavior problem. A gay person, who hangs out at bars every night, has a behavior problem. A gay person, who stays home at night with his family and friends, is just living his or her life.

However, I suppose the only real proof that opening the door for gays in the military and in the freedom to marry the one we choose in life, was the right thing to do, that we show the world that we are just a good neighbor. Some will always oppose us, perhaps because of their religious beliefs or because they hate us. Yet over time, society as a whole will become more accepting.

I do disagree with the Boys Scouts’ policy of allowing some chapters to bow out of allowing LGBT people to join openly. Yet I also understand their reasoning because not to do so, would cause a serious backlash from their current members and those opposed to gays in the organization. Perhaps after success with the chapters who do allow gays, it can eventually change its policy to cover all chapters.

I accept the Boys Scouts of America’s change in policy toward gays as a big step for gay rights and my gratitude along with many of my brothers and sisters, we all thank you.

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