Obama’s Second Presidential Inauguration: Here is Hoping for Greatness

President Barack Obama has finally crossed the last threshold into his second term as president. His speechwriter deserves great praise for a speech I believe will be historical in its full context.

I must admit, I am a huge fan of Barack Obama, the man and the president.  I am hoping very much that he has a successful four more years in office.  I am especially praying that his presidency does not get embroiled in some form of scandal, as many past presidents’ second terms have, that would be heartbreaking.

Perhaps Obama’s second term can be different. Perhaps he can leave office with a legacy of greatness instead of disgrace and disappointment. I believe I know some of the things he would like to accomplish in his second term and I know he will not get his whole wish list, but hopefully some. To me, if he manages to accomplish half the things I think he wants to do, he will leave behind a legacy of not only greatness but of great precedent, of what an American president supposed to be.

Here is a short list of what I think Obama’s wish list is:

  • Immigration reform

Obama’s biggest failures his first term was probably not being able to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation through Congress. He offered up the American Dream Act, which would have allowed the children of illegal immigrants who were brought here when they were a child, a path to citizenship. Unfortunately, the legislation was filibustered by Senate Republicans, as most things were through that chamber.

During his reelection campaign in June of 2012, President Obama issued an executive order to block the deportation of immigrants who are younger than 30 and came to the United States before the age of 16. It was seen by many as a campaign promotion but it very well likely motivated many Hispanic voters who otherwise may have stayed home on Election Day.

  • ObamaCare Success

In 2014, ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) will be fully implemented, with most Americans required to buy insurance or pay a tax penalty. Much rides on the success of ObamaCare if Obama is to secure is legacy as a great president. The failure of the act would be disastrous for the country, as so much has already been invested into it.

My prediction is that it will be rough at first and possibly, it will hurt President Obama’s approval rating.  However, I think most of the roughness will merely be growing pains for our nation, which for the first time has stretched its wings with a universal health care system. Not a great one, being that it allows the for-profit health care insurance industry to be the middleman, which means cost, will always include those companies’ profits.  A single-payer system would have been a much better choice and a great deal less expensive.

  • Lower Unemployment

Bringing the jobless numbers down, has to be a top priority for the president. The economy rides hugely on the jobless numbers and if average Americans are going to feel confident enough to spend their money.

What would help is if he could finally manage to get Congress to pass a stimulus bill to fix America’s ailing infrastructure. In my opinion, I cannot think of a better way to improve the jobless numbers, it would be a big boost to the economy and a big boost to our infrastructure, which seriously needs the help. The more jobs we have, the more payroll taxes for the government

  • Lower the Deficit

It is important that we pay our bills. Our nation’s government must act as an example of what it would expect from its citizens. If I run up a credit card debt, I need to pay it off and not keep adding to it. I expect my government to do the same.

If President Obama can lower the debt significantly during his second term, he would establish one thing firmly into the minds of most Americans; Democratic presidents are known to leave the economy better than how they found it.

Former President Bill Clinton left the economy in great shape before George W. Bush took the White House and then Bush took us through two wars while cutting taxes, mostly for the wealthiest of Americans. The icing on the cake though, came in the form of a housing crisis at the end of his term, which left the economy in shambles and millions out of work.

So  yes, I am hoping for greatness from President Obama. I am hoping that he leaves Americans, both Democrat and Republican, with the sweetest taste in their mouths they can ever possibly remember. I am hoping his legacy will outshine Ronald Reagan’s and set America on a path of great prosperity. I am hoping his legacy will shut the mouth of bigotry and hate toward those of color and those of sexual orientation.

More than all, I am hoping his legacy will bind America together into a more cohesive family of citizens and end the stalemate of sour partisanship in our government. I am hoping for greatness from Barack Obama, and I believe he will deliver.

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