Does the NRA Believe Owning Rocket Launcher Second Amendment Right?

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We live in an age where one country can literally destroy another country, blow it entirely off the map. We also know there are people out there in the world who would love to blow us, the Unites States, off that very map. Along with that, we now well know the violence that one person can cause on an unsuspecting, innocent crowd of people and even children, and we know the type of guns that can cause that kind of harm.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) seems to claim by its stance, that it is the right of “law-abiding” citizens to purchase any type of assault weapon manufactured here in the United States. I wonder just how long it will be before the gun advocacy group also advocates the right to own and sell rocket launchers for “law-abiding” citizens.

I wonder about this because it would seem that the motivation of many of the NRA supporters who oppose any new legislation to regulate guns, believe they might need to protect themselves against the government someday.

Let me be hypothetical here for a moment: Let us say that Barack Obama turned out to be the evil man conservatives have worked so diligently to proclaim him to be throughout his entire first term. Let us say he orders U.S. troops to go after their guns, by force if needed. Do they really think their stockpiles of weapons — they most likely already have — is going to protect them from the overwhelming power of the U.S. Armed forces? It is laughable at best.

Therefore, they need something much more powerful and I am sure there are some already out there somewhere, or perhaps they already have a few. If you folks need to protect yourselves against a tyrannical government, coming to take your guns away, perhaps rocket launchers should be legal then also, something substantial against a government that has bombs big enough to blow up cities. 

This conspiracy theory logic about Obama, also dishonor the individuals who serve in the United States Armed Forces. Do they really believe that our men and women in uniform would obey orders on an all-out attack on “law-abiding” citizens of their own country? That is not going to happen; there would assuredly be a rebellion. Our troops will always follow their orders but you can count on their individualism and their hearts to lead them when times of indecision arise. It would be the same for our cops and other law enforcement.

A president’s order is only good on the faith of the American people, those who serve this nation in uniform are Americans, and most of them are exemplary individuals, in their integrity and their wisdom.

I am confident that our founding fathers did not intend to allow powerful weapons in the hands of just anyone when they wrote the Second Amendment. Perhaps if they could have seen the kind of death and destruction the modern day assault rifle can bring upon the innocent by the hands of lunatics, an amendment to the Second Amendment would have been in order.

There are no quick answers to stop the mass killings going on around this country but if we allow the NRA to dictate to us what we can and cannot do about gun control, mass killings are not going to stop; perhaps it will get worse, with even more guns on the street.

President Obama recently proposed new gun control measures, which include a renewal of the assault weapons ban that the Clinton administration had implemented in 1994 and expired under the Bush administration in 2004. The gun lobby is correct that it will not rid those types of weapons from the street, not immediately that is. However in perhaps twenty years, it is going to be different because the assault rifles out there now, will become antiquated, be confiscated by law enforcement and fall out of circulation.

We must not let this issue fade away has it has in the past. We as citizens of this great nation have a right to decent gun control and to the safety of our children. The NRA and their supporters in Congress must understand that this time, we will not go away and be silent until comprehensive gun control legislation is passed in both chambers of Congress and signed by the president. It is best they get to it.

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