America’s First Gay President: Coming Out Sometime in the Future

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This may seem farfetched at this time in our history but I assure you, America will someday have an out-of-the-closet and into your hearts, gay president.

As a gay man, I found it exciting when Barack Obama — the first black president — became the first president to endorse gay marriage. Some even say that he is the first gay president, similar to how Bill Clinton was the first black president.   Obama’s wife Michelle of course, would disagree with that idea entirely, I am certain, accept in only the honorary title in which it would be intended.

Even though we gay people have found our way into many American hearts, we still have a way  to go to win our way into the White House.  I am confident that when that day does come, that gay or lesbian president will serve their country with its interests with their whole heart.

Let me add here that a gay male president could bring a great deal of perspective to the job, along with maybe a much-needed makeover for the Oval Office and perhaps a new gym for the White House staff — I am teasing. Though some of us gay people do have wonderful taste when it comes to décor — as I do — but many of my gay brothers I am afraid, have no taste whatsoever.

There are those things we gays do have in common in general though and so you can probably count on a president who would push for a great increase in funding for Aids research and services. A gay president would most likely also support tough laws against hate crimes, not only to protect LGBT people but any minority, because many of us believe strongly, that it is wrong to target someone because they are different. It does not take too many gay bashings to know that no one deserves that kind of treatment, this coming from someone who has been there.

Now a lesbian president most likely would support most of the causes a gay male president would support but she would likely also favor strong women’s issues such as women’s right to an abortion, women’s right to equal pay and treatment in the workplace including stronger protection for women against sexual harassment.

For all the lesbians I have known and been friends with over the years, I do find them to be a bit more stable when it comes to relationships than us gay men. That trait would do well for the White House as America I think expects their presidents to have stable relationships with their spouses. Though I forgive former President Bill Clinton for his dallies with Monica Lewinsky, It would have been much better if he had not distracted the nation with his philandering.

To be honest with you, when it comes to politics among gay people we are a diverse bunch. Most certainly, we favor policies that are more liberal and we favor the Democratic Party in general, but there is such a thing as a “Gay Republican”, oxymoronic as that may sound.  Gay Republicans even have their own political organizations, such as the Log Cabin Republicans. I suppose it is their hope to change the GOP from within, but in my opinion, that is probably going to take decades.

I do wonder if the election of the first gay president would also fire up the far right, as did the election of the first black president. Will he or she get all the hate-filled rhetoric and fear mongering as we did after President Obama’s election? I assume so as I believe there will always be those who are ignorant and full of hate in this world and in our nation. What I do hope for is that by then, support for politicians who cater to those kinds of people will be finding themselves without a job in our government, because voters no longer want that kind of politician in our government.

I realize I am just thinking aloud here and since I am not a young man, it is possible I will not get to see the first gay president. However, when that day does come, and it will come, I hope the first gay president will be as much a shining example of excellence, as our first black president has been.

I hope that he or she finds a nation much more enlightened and that he or she has a congress that supports him or her, instead of working to defeat him or her at every turn, as the last congress has done to President Obama.

We are still waiting to elect the first female president, even though half the country is female. Let us get that done and then I am assured that a gay president is just over the horizon.

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