Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Is Evidence We Need Gun Control

In a tirade on CNN’s Piers Morgan’s show, Alex Jones an obvious conspiracy theorist, explained to Piers — sometimes very angrily — why it was necessary for him to attack him, call him a “red coat” and asking for his deportation back to England where he’s from.

The conversation was mostly dominated by Alex Jones as he interrupted the CNN host almost every time he tried to speak. He was hotheaded and overbearing and I feel terribly sorry for his family. I would feel sorry for Piers but then he knew what he was doing.

I do know that Alex Jones is a poster boy of why we really do need gun control, to keep guns out of the hands of people like him. Watch the video:

CNN Pier Morgan interviews conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Mr. Jones does not seem to understand that if the U.S. Government chose to take his guns and he had a standoff with them, he would lose. All the firepower he could accumulate would not even scratch the surface of the firepower of the United States Armed Forces. He knows that though, just by what he said to Piers. He is well aware of the drones the federal government has that can spy on him or even drop a very deadly and accurate bomb on his head.

Does he actually think his guns are going to protect him, which is if he is right in his conspiracy theories? Obviously, he has not thought this through very well, or he then would know that he is powerless up against the federal government, no matter how many assault rifles and large ammunition clips he has stockpiled.

Then we all know, the federal government is not going to come after unless you become a threat or owe taxes.

The truth is no one at all is talking about taking away anyone’s guns. The only gun control that has been talked about is banning the sale of new assault rifles and large magazine clip, along with background checks for guns sold at gun shows or privately, this to keep guns out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill. These sensible approaches do not hinge on anyone’s right to own firearms for hunting or to protect themselves, their families and their homes. This is about Mr. Jones’s fear of anything that’s bigger than he is, that’s just my opinion of course.

I applaud Piers Morgan in having him on the show, even after he well knew what was in store for him, with such a loudmouth, obnoxious person. It did highlight the kind of extremist and explosive types like him who come from the “Second Amendment” protectors. What we need is protection from people like Alex Jones.


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