Bead-Reader: A New Segment on Fidlerten Place

Within the next couple of days, Fidlerten Place will be launching a new segment   called Bead-Reader. It is culled from a catchphrase used in the gay community from at least as far back as the sixties and perhaps further. Someone might say, “Did you here that girl read his beads? She sure told him!” or “I just read her beads, that (expletive)!”

It means to tell someone off really well. If you “read someone’s beads”, you are giving them the “what for”.  I am sure most of us can remember a time we would have liked to straighten someone out on a few facts and give them a piece of our mind.

Once a week, if not more, I will be publishing a Bead-Reader. This will be done by either:

  1. Find a blog or some other bit of journalism that the Bead-Reader finds ridiculous, non-factual, and just read-the-beads of the author of that article.
  2. Finds a politician, a corporation or some other entity that needs someone to give them a few facts and needs their beads read.
  3. Lambast society in general or government or even God (respectfully of course). Wherever there is someone or something that needs a good bead- reading, this is the place to let it fly.

I do welcome any of my visitors to offer up any piece of drivel they would like to debunk by a little Bead-Reading. Just contact me at with your entry and if I like your article, I will publish it on Fidlerten Place.

Look for a posting from the Bead-Reader on Fidlerten Place soon.

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