NRA Response to Sandy Hook is of Course: More Guns

If anyone said the solution to drunk driving was more alcohol, we would all think they were nuts. Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) finally made a statement concerning the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 26 people were killed, including 20 children who were all six and seven years old.

LaPierre called on Congress to pass a bill to put armed guards in every school in the United States. The NRA is putting together a safety plan called “National School Shield” in which they are hoping to be a model for schools nationwide.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” remarked LaPierre in the statement.  The problem with that is, some good guys with guns turn into bad guys with guns; just add maybe some alcohol and a jealous rage and anything can happen.

The very idea of putting an armed security guard in every school in the country is ludicrous but this is coming from an organization that is in my opinion, trying to put a gun in every American’s hand. It is no wonder the gun manufacturers are one of their biggest contributors along with gun sellers.

There was an armed guard at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in 1999 too but that did not stop Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from killing 15 people and wounding 23 more. The sheriff’s deputy was in another part of the school when the shooting began.

In Addition, school shootings are usually perpetuated by students who most likely, plan their attack beforehand. In that case, if a security guard were going to be at the school, the shooter or shooters would know that and plan accordingly. Besides, mass shooters usually come armed to the teeth, with automatic and semiautomatic weapons; does the NRA chief expect these armed guards to be armed in like manner? What would that turn our schools into; war zones?

Though I realize that people kill people not guns, the availability of guns makes it easier for someone to kill, especially when those guns are assault rifles with large magazines that have no other purpose but to kill in large masses.

Sensible gun control is all anyone is asking for here; a ban on certain assault rifles and large magazine clips; background checks on all gun purchases, even at gun shows; and more efforts to block those with mental illness from obtaining firearms. Nothing that is unreasonable.

The facts are:

  •  The rate of death from firearms in the United States is eight times higher than that in its economic counterparts in other parts of the world.
  • The overall firearm-related death rate among U.S. children younger than 15 years of age is nearly 12 times higher than among children in 25 other industrialized countries combined.

These facts say clearly that the more guns are available, the more deaths will occur by them.

We have an excellent opportunity here to take advantage of the moment when America is still grieving over the tragedy in Sandy Hook. The NRA is showing their true colors here to the world, as they set themselves against the demands of the majority of Americans, even many of their own members.

Republican Pollster Frank Luntz says it best I think. Commenting on CBS News, he said:

“I don’t think the NRA is listening. I don’t think they understand,” Luntz said. “Most Americans would protect Second Amendment rights and yet agree with the idea that not every human being should own a gun, not every gun should be available at anytime, anywhere, for anyone – that at gun shows you should not be able to buy something right there and then without any check whatsoever.”

This is not about the Second Amendment and this is not about law-abiding citizens owning guns, this is about assault rifles and large magazines with no purpose other than kill people and lots of them. This is not about taking guns away from gun owners but it’s about requiring background checks for every gun sold in America, including gun shows and private sales, to keep guns out of the hands of violent felons and those with mental illness.

The NRA needs to get on board or get off.  If all they want to do is support more guns without restrictions, they are out of touch with America because America is fed up with the gun violence upon our citizens, and especially our children.


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  1. avatar J.R. LeMar says:

    Yes, of course, we knew this would be their response, as it always is.
    That being said, even moreso than stricter gun control, I think we need to seriously look @ better ways to identify and treat mental illness in people.

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