Why can’t we peaceful people be given a choice?

About four or so months I attended a progressive town hall meeting hosted by my Rep. Eddie B. Johnson, with Rep. Barbara Lee from California. An old-aged attendent asked about the healthcare ruling (this was about two weeks before the final ruling) and Rep. Johnson answered, but I don’t remember the question or answer. That’s not important. What’s important is what happened afterwards.

The next attendant, a middle aged woman, assumedly Rep. Johnson’s supporter, asked what difference is the Obamacare tax mandate from other programs like Social Security. Both are “mandatory” she says, why aren’t the other programs, Social Security specifically, being challenged. How are they in law, she asked in confusion. After Rep. Johnson gave her an “answer,” (to be fair, she said we’ll see if it’s constitutional when the court rules) I whispered to her about FDR’s “court packing” controversy in the 40’s and how America copied the same socialist countries policies whom we had tension with.

It was finally my turn. I asked, “As a young man, why can’t I be given the option to opt out of Social Security? I don’t want it and I would like to know how and if I can opt out.” The crowd was mostly composed of seniors. After receiving faces of scorn (I was even confronted afterwards and accused of “sounding like Romney”), Rep. Johnson informed me I could opt out, all that was needed was to connect with my employer, and hurried to the next question.

I can opt out?

My new lady-friend turned around and said “you can’t opt out.” I already knew.

After doing some research on the SSA.gov site I discovered (not really) I couldn’t opt out. My employer and I was bound by law to give up a portion of income to the federal government.

So last week I called into Rep. Johnson and told the staff about the event and that I had trouble opting out and would love Rep. Johnson’s or a staff member’s help in this regard. I left my contact info and received a call later that day. It was a staff member who wanted me to relay the story and my request to him. An hour later, he informed me that after speaking with SSA, they told him social security was not an optional thing. He also said he wasn’t in attendance at the event and was sure I misinterpreted the Rep’s words. I informed him that I didn’t misinterpret anything and he should check into his log to see who was in attendance to double check my story. We debated for a while and I told him that I would like an explanation as to why she would go around telling people they could opt out. I left my contact information again demanding an explanation.

I doubt I will receive a call or email back. That’s not my desire by any extent. I only wanted to see how far the staff would go.

But this leads me to the crucial question: Why can’t I be given a choice? Why can’t we given a choice?

Why won’t a great majority of Republicans (including Romney) and all Democrats give me a choice? Why won’t either major candidate address people like me? Is it wrong to not trust the same politicians who can’t manage D.C.’s budget to care for part of my budget? What if I don’t want to them to save for my retirement? What if I rather keep that money and, say, throw it in the stock markets?

This reminds me of the lady yelling to that Democrat in 2012, why won’t y’all just leave us alone, in protest of Obamacare.

The big hoopla over Obamacare is minor once I remembered, after reading an article, that we are forced to pay into Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security–all big 3 social and health insurance programs. The only major difference is the Obamacare tax is a punishment for disobedience; the other 3 are simply taken from you before even seeing your paycheck’s amount.

In the Land of the Free, we are forced to pay for so many programs, that it’s hard to keep up with this stuff. Does the government take money from us to save for car payments? Food? Housing? Education? Why should retirement be any different, asks Walter Williams?

Those who would rather be free, provide and save for themselves are meanies, immoral, inhumane! But I’m not any of those things. I just don’t want to provide for the government’s special interest groups. I shouldn’t have to. I can, though reluctantly, provide for proper functions of government–but I don’t want to provide for other people’s retirement.

Why do all political questions have to be so…political! Why does the debate have to be between senior lovers vs. people who hate seniors? Why not, over-zealous senior lovers vs. people who want save for themselves and be left alone?

We peaceful people ultimately want to be left alone–but being given a choice will suffice. Will you allow us to opt out of the ponzi scheme (and other schemes) or continue to force us into submission?

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