2012 Presidential Election Shows a Divided America

America has become such a divided nation. Is it because we have unresolvable differences or is it because we have allowed the voices of unreason and prejudice, to overpower the voices of wisdom and truth?

President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney are two very different men and they have two very different plans for America. One wants to continue on the same path that has led us down a road of slow but steady growth, and the other wants to cut all our taxes by 20 percent but gives no real details on how he would pay for it, or who would pay for it.

The economy may be the biggest issue on the table — at least for those who are going to decide this election: independents, but foreign policy matters also. One of the men running for the White House wants to show himself tough against Iran but calls Russia our biggest geopolitical foe. The other gave the order that took out Osama bin Laden and has stood firm toward China’s unfair trade advantages, ended one war and on the way to ending another.  In addition, there has not been a terrorist attack on American soil, which means he has kept us safe.

Some may wonder why such a tight race and why are Americans so divided on their choice for president, and that mystery may be answered if we look at what has influenced us for the last two years. Many of us probably do not want to admit just how much the media and all the political ads affect us, obviously, they do.

We need look no further than the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in “Citizens vs. FEC” to see how the influx of money into our campaign system affects how we see those who would lead our nation.

It would seem that untruths, out-of-context quotes and even lies are acceptable in today’s political climate. The code of ethics of how we treat our political foe seems to have disappeared after people like Karl Rove brought a new kind of weapon to the campaign train; one that is meant to destroy the very character of a good person if necessary to win. War heroes become the target for disparagement while ignorance is exploited by bigotry and well-planted innuendo.

One portion of Americans want to wrap themselves in our nation’s flag with patriotism, proclaiming liberty while at the same time, putting all their efforts into restricting the rights of other Americans.

Another portion seeks to change America into their own religious haven, forcing religious edicts that affect women’s reproductive rights, and gay people’s right to serve in the military, adopt children and marry. Religion of course has long pervaded our political landscape and at times, swung our elections toward the conservative movement in our nation.

However, America increasingly becomes more enlightened as new generations change the direction of our country toward toleration and a yearning for equality, which lessens the impact of religious intolerance upon our elections. Still, here we stand with poll numbers showing a tight race as though this election has become a tipping point, which will ultimately decide the fate of the nation.

Our elected leaders are no more than political whores who spend most of their political careers begging for more money from wealthy interests. Corruption is ripe within our hallowed halls of Congress as political survival depends on taking stands on unethical positions meant to enrich those who would use their wealth already accumulated to weaken regulatory legislation and change tax laws in their own favor, just so that they may accumulate even more wealth.

How do we secure a more-perfect union when such divisions tear our nation apart? How do we overcome the beast within that would tear us apart? First, we must see who and what the beast is, but that beast is not our government. Our government is merely a reflection of who we really are. Are we a nation of greedy, heartless individuals whose own interests is all that matters to us? On the other hand, are we a compassionate people whose arms are open wide to those who need us most? Can we be bought with the promise of a tax cut or are we wise enough to realize that we get nothing for nothing?

I believe this election will speak volumes of who we are as a people. Either we stand united as a nation, or we allow the politics of partisanship and the pockets of the super wealthy decide the direction of our economy, our nation and our lives.

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