The Republican Party Sees Conspiracy Theories

I find it fascinating but frightening that the GOP is falling so far out of step with average Americans, that it now resorts to underhanded legislation, not meant for the good of the people they serve but to overcome the voters’ will at the polls. In my opinion, not only does the Republican Party work to warp our very democracy but it delusions itself into believing a conspiracy at every turn.

The GOP it would seem, now questions anything that would doubt its own idea of what they want the facts to be. As far as they are concerned, those fact-checkers have to be conspiring with the liberals and those independent and well-trusted organizations that measure job growth, poll voters or anything that produces facts and statistics which contradict its own politics and agenda, have to be all conspiring to undermine the GOP’s own set of generated facts.

Voter ID Laws

Several Republican controlled state houses and governor seats have passed laws requiring all voters to show state-issued IDs at the polls. Some of the states that have passed these laws are battleground states. The Voter ID laws would mostly affect likely Democratic voters, such as the poor, minorities and college age voters.

Republicans claim it is to protect our elections against fraud. Fact is; there have been very few instances of voter fraud by someone impersonating a vote, at least not anywhere near enough to affect the outcome of an election.

Now I agree with Republicans that showing an ID to vote is not a bad idea, but it is something that has to be given a very lenient grace period, considering who it might or most likely effect. As far as I am concerned, any legislation to change voter laws that might disenfranchise voters — any voters at all — it needs to be given at least a two-year waiting period before it becomes law. Along with the law, an avid advertising drive should be implemented to make sure that all voters know about the change, long before any election that it would be enforced.

What is so highly suspicious with the current Voter ID laws is for one thing, they are being passed in several states, as though there were a serious problem across the country, with voter impersonations changing the results of elections.

Secondly, the idea that these laws are so urgent that they need to be passed before the next election, would seem as though the GOP wishes to affect this next election in its own favor, which in itself would be fraud.  That leads me to think that this is about overturning democracy to win an election, not about voter fraud.

Fact-Checker Conspiracy

When the facts do not suit you; then cry “conspiracy”, which seems to be an unspoken, secret rule for the Republican Party nowadays. Of course, we must remember, the GOP denies global warming, even as the ice caps melt and strange and severe weather patterns happen all around the world.

Recently, the fact-checkers have been under fire from Republicans, questioning that their facts may be bias somehow to the Democrats. Republicans question why they are targeted more for lying than Democrats.

I would suggest that Republicans go get their own fact-checkers — oh, that’s right; they already have their own fact-checkers — Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Seriously Republicans; get your own fact-checkers but remember; for them to be respected by most Americans — not just conservatives — they need real facts.

Fact-checkers, who are respected for what they say, do so because they have a stellar reputation for stating the facts after thorough research. Those kinds of organizations also deserves better than baseless accusations from those who do not like the facts that are being stated. If Republicans have “facts” to back up their accusations, then let us hear them, but claiming bias at anyone and anything that does not jive with their own set of politics, shows immaturity for a party who always thinks of themselves as the adults in the room.

Poll Taking Bias

There are several well-respected political polls, which are all independent of each other. Some of those polls are even conservative. Yet recently, when all the polls showed President Barack Obama ahead by several points, the Republicans cried “conspiracy” again.

It would seem the GOP has grown an inferiority complex; anything that disagrees with its own reality is the product of liberal bias.

However, I should point out that at one point, even a Fox News poll showed our current president ahead by a few points of Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate. Did that network suddenly go liberal? I don’t think so.

I think the Republican Party sees itself as the answer to all our problems and that most Americans see things the way they do.  I suspect that most Americans are somewhere in between — liberal on some issues and conservative on others.  I do know that most of them think that our congress is useless because of the partisanship. We elect grownups and we get children, playing rudely in a sandbox. They will not share their toys and they will not speak to each other because they are mad at each other.

Republicans need to realize that if they and their nominated candidate for president are down in the polls, it is because they are not pleasing their constituencies, the American people. Maybe it has to do with their current far-to-the-right policies and their refusal to work with Democrats or the Democratic president. Instead of blaming everyone and everything for liberal bias and conspiracy theories, perhaps they could spend more time taking care of the needs of those who put them in office in the first place.

Then perhaps instead of installing “emergency” ID laws to win an election, they could do so by an actual vote of the People.

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