Obama Economy Working: Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8 Percent

Patience; this is what I have been recommending all along. The economy has been improving for a while now, the stock market has recovered and making money, and now Americans are going back to work.

It was just reported, unemployment fell for September to its lowest number since January 2009. There were 114,000 jobs added in September, and 86,000 more jobs were added in July and August than originally reported.

This is of course, good news for the Obama Campaign and it should turn the election even more in his favor. Mitt Romney’s job to convince Americans that Obama does not know what he’s doing when it comes to the economy, just got a lot more difficult.

Four years ago, the Bush administration left this nation in the worse shape it’s been in since the Great Depression.  What has dumbfounded me for so long is how so many Americans expected President Obama to perform miracles with everything and especially the economy. I am not an economist but I have enough horse sense to know that the huge hole we were in when Barack Obama took office was deep and it hurt our economy tremendously.

We should all realize, President Obama made many of his promises before he even knew how bad things were. He also had no idea he would be facing a Republican Party in congress who would deny him a victory, even if it meant denying good legislation that could help this country as far as jobs and improving our infrastructure.

Obama’s opponent, former governor Mitt Romney says he wants to cut taxes for everyone, including millionaires. Now I know what he said at the first presidential debate – that his tax plan would not raise the national debt but I have been listening to his stump speeches and I know what he has been promising on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, old Mitt changes his position more often than some folk change their underwear.

It would seem to me that the old saying applies here: If something works, don’t fix it. Or in other words, don’t hand over our nation to someone who will likely take us down the same old trickle-down economics road President George W. Bush took us down, giving tax cuts to millionaires while the middle-class work harder for less money. We have an opportunity to reelect a president who has kept us on a steady road to recovery as far as our economy and has done a good job protecting this nation from terrorist.

On the other hand, we can elect a man who wants to cut taxes 20 percent across the board but has very few specifics on how he’s going to cover the $5 trillion it would add to our national debt, besides take federal dollars away from “Big Bird”, the Sesame Street character for children. Personally, I’ll stick with that same old, well-worn shoe, Barack Obama.

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