The Koch Brother’s Party: The Tea Party Really is Their Party

I for one no longer believe the Republican Party is controlled by Republican voters, nor does it serve those voters’ interests.

Back In 2010, the Koch Brothers saw and opportunity and they took it. This is what I believe happened: A small percent of the United States’ population could not stand the thought there was a black man in the White House. Their rage sparked a larger movement. Then add in those who claim not to hate black people, but in private company, do. Add those who just cannot stand the government and you have a movement.

As far as I am concerned, the Koch Brothers are the founders of the Tea Party movement. From the beginning, they have been involved. The two brothers helped to bus Tea Party members into town hall meetings in the beginning and they continue to throw a great deal of money into Tea Party candidates who serve their interests.

These men do not come without a price. They, just like some of their counterparts; Harold Simmons, Sheldon Adelson or Foster Friess; are using their money not just to get their voices heard but they are using their money to drown out all the other voices in the room. To put it in more direct terms, they are trying to overturn the will of the People of this nation and impose their own set of rules upon us all.

I believe when it comes to the Koch brothers, there’s a lot more going on than what we see. Nevertheless, what we do see is awfully revealing.

The Koch brothers have been behind the scenes, using their powerful moneyed influence to protect the interests of big business, such as their own for a long time. The brothers are in the chemical business so you can reckon they have a great deal of interests in pollution deregulation and tax cuts.

The two brothers are the third richest men in the world next to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett with a cool $35 billion to sway lawmakers and push their agenda down all our throats. It would seem that is what they are trying to do in my opinion.

Let me be clear here; many of the wealthy in this country are good and compassionate people. They give a lot to charities and they do not mind paying their fair share of taxes. There is just a small percentage of the wealthy that for one reason or the other, they just cannot get enough wealth. It is not because they feel financially insecure; their wealth far exceeds whatever need or want. It is about power and having more money to have more power.

We all have dreams for what we would like to see America become, but we do not all wish to own America. If men like the Koch brothers continue to use their wealth to try controlling our nation, we will see a larger gap grow between the wealthy and everyone else. .The middle-class will diminish until it exists no more.

The Tea Party might be the Koch brother’s party but the United States is every American’s nation, not just theirs.

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  2. avatar Conservamind says:

    Why must everything from the left be viewed through the spectrum of racism? We have a sitting Black president and yet the left still says race relations in America have improved very little. Why is it that if you disagree with the president’s politics and policies the left immediately paints you as the grand wizard of the kkk? This goes back to the point I made about making everyone out to be victims, victims of racism, victims of social & economic inequality. The truth is, if the Koch brothers were so powerful with all of their money and as influential as you say, how did Obama get elected in the first place? The answer is, wait for it, he won more of the white vote then even John Kerry when he ran for president. Obama ran on promises to cut the deficit in half and create jobs within two years and in his own words said if the economy and unemployment aren’t improved within the first three years he shouldn’t be re elected. I think the race card is all the left has, the left says things and the media allows them to get away with it. From Bidens “gonna put y’all back in chains” or Claire McCaskilL saying “George Bush let people die on roof tops because they were poor & black”. There countless other examples that go unnoticed.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      Let me start from the end of your comment here. If you want examples, there are also countless upon countless of examples of racism in the Tea Party. For you to suggest that we Democrats are only making up the racism can only come from someone who has chosen to ignore and pretend it does not exists.

      I also don’t believe that just because someone doesn’t agree with the president, they are painted as the KKK. I don’t call referring to him as a Communist and a Nazi, questioning his birthplace along with outrage over so many trivial things, such as putting his feet up on the desk in the White House, just disagreeing with him. It wasn’t because no president has every put their feet on that desk but he was a black man doing it and that angered them.

      You’re also talking here to a white man who has lived among rednecks and small-minded racist before and I know the hidden animosity those kind of people have toward someone like Barack Obama. They consider him “uppity”. Those kinds of people have control of your party Conservamind, so don’t pretend to me they don’t. I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

      Then you talk about Obama’s lack of success as though he had an open road to accomplish it. You would think the GOP did everything in their power to help the poor guy out, after taking on a huge mess that a Republican president wrought upon this nation. No, instead they have done nothing but obstruct and block him from accomplishing much at all. And now, you think he should lose his job and the same party who has stood in his way since should take over his job and our congress. I don’t think so.

      • avatar Conservamind says:

        All presidents have endured their fair share of animosity, insults and hatred while in office, but again the left loves make people victims. It’s as if this is the only president who has ever been criticized for the job he has done and you say he’s criticized for no other reason then he is black. Obviously racism exists, it’s just not as prevalent as the left makes it out to be.

        This president should lose his job because he had 2 full years to pass any bill into law when Dems controlled both houses of congress with a super majority and there wouldn’t be a damn thing Republicans could do to stop it. In those two years the president passed 3 major bills, Dodd/ Frank, health care reform act and Stimulus. Dodd Frank makes it almost impossible to get a loan, 56% of Americans don’t want Obama Care and the Stimulus failed. So you can blame Bush and you can blame republicans but the president doesn’t have any new ideas on how to create jobs other then spend more money and hope & pray that it creates jobs. He has failed by his own standards and in his own words.

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